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  • ور نه‌‌ای منکر چنین دست تهی ** در در آن دوست چون پا می‌‌نهی‌‌
  • And if thou art not disbelieving, how with such empty hands art thou setting foot in the Court of that Friend?
  • اندکی صرفه بکن از خواب و خور ** ارمغان بهر ملاقاتش ببر
  • Refrain thyself a little from sleep and food: bring the gift for thy meeting with Him.
  • شو قلیل النوم مما یهجعون ** باش در اسحار از یستغفرون‌‌
  • Become scant of sleep (like them that) were slumbering (but a small part of the night); in the hours of dawn be of (those who) were asking pardon of God.
  • اندکی جنبش بکن همچون جنین ** تا ببخشندت حواس نور بین‌‌ 3180
  • Stir a little, like the embryo, in order that thou mayst be given the senses which behold the Light,
  • وز جهان چون رحم بیرون روی ** از زمین در عرصه‌‌ی واسع شوی‌‌
  • And mayst go forth from this womb-like world and mayst go from the earth into a wide expanse.
  • آن که ارض الله واسع گفته‌‌اند ** عرصه‌‌ای دان کانبیا در رفته‌‌اند
  • Know that the saying, “God's earth is wide,” refers to an exceedingly sublime expanse belonging to the prophets.
  • دل نگردد تنگ ز آن عرصه‌‌ی فراخ ** نخل تر آن جا نگردد خشک شاخ‌‌
  • The heart is not oppressed by that spacious expanse: there the fresh boughs of the palm-tree do not become dry.
  • حاملی تو مر حواست را کنون ** کند و مانده می‌‌شوی و سر نگون‌‌
  • At present thou art bearing (the burden of) thy senses: thou art becoming weary and exhausted and (ready to fall) headlong.
  • چون که محمولی نه حامل وقت خواب ** ماندگی رفت و شدی بی‌‌رنج و تاب‌‌ 3185
  • Since, at the time of sleep, thou art borne (on high), and art not bearing (the burden), thy fatigue is gone and thou art free from pain and anguish.
  • چاشنیی دان تو حال خواب را ** پیش محمولی حال اولیا
  • Regard the time of sleep as a (mere) taste (sample) in comparison with the state in which the saints are borne (on high).