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  • خشم و شهوت مرد را احول کند ** ز استقامت روح را مبدل کند
  • Anger and lust make a man squint-eyed, they change the spirit (so that it departs) from rectitude.
  • چون غرض آمد هنر پوشیده شد ** صد حجاب از دل به سوی دیده شد
  • When self-interest appears, virtue becomes hidden: a hundred veils rise from the heart to the eye.
  • چون دهد قاضی به دل رشوت قرار ** کی شناسد ظالم از مظلوم زار 335
  • When the cadi lets bribery gain hold of his heart, how should he know the wronger from the wretched victim of wrong?
  • شاه از حقد جهودانه چنان ** گشت احول کالامان یا رب امان‌‌
  • The king, from Jewish rancour, became so squint-eyed that (we cry), “Mercy, O Lord, mercy (save us from such an affliction)!”
  • صد هزاران مومن مظلوم کشت ** که پناهم دین موسی را و پشت‌‌
  • He slew hundreds of thousands of wronged (innocent) believers, saying, “I am the protection and support of the religion of Moses.”
  • آموختن وزیر مکر پادشاه را
  • How the vizier instructed the king to plot.
  • او وزیری داشت گبر و عشوه‌‌ده ** کاو بر آب از مکر بر بستی گره‌‌
  • He had a vizier, a miscreant and ogler (deceiver), who by reason of (his exceeding) guile would tie knots on water.
  • گفت ترسایان پناه جان کنند ** دین خود را از ملک پنهان کنند
  • “The Christians,” said he, “seek to save their lives; they hide their religion from the king.
  • کم کش ایشان را که کشتن سود نیست ** دین ندارد بوی، مشک و عود نیست‌‌ 340
  • Slay them not, for slaying (them) is useless: religion hath no smell, it is not musk and aloes-wood.
  • سر پنهان است اندر صد غلاف ** ظاهرش با تست و باطن بر خلاف‌‌
  • The secret is concealed in a hundred coverings: its outward form is (in agreement) with thee, (but) the inward (reality) is (in) disagreement.”
  • شاه گفتش پس بگو تدبیر چیست ** چاره‌‌ی آن مکر و ان تزویر چیست‌‌
  • The king said to him: “Tell (me), then, what is the (best) plan? What is the remedy against that deceit and imposture?—