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  • بر بدیهای بدان رحمت کنید ** بر منی و خویش بینی کم تنید
  • (Yet) take mercy on the wickednesses of the wicked: execrate egoism and the self-conceited (egoist).
  • هین مبادا غیرت آید از کمین ** سر نگون افتید در قعر زمین‌‌
  • Beware, lest (the Divine) jealousy come from ambush and ye fall headlong to the bottom of the earth.”
  • هر دو گفتند ای خدا فرمان تراست ** بی‌‌امان تو امانی خود کجاست‌‌
  • They both said, “O God, Thine is the command: without Thy security (protection) where indeed is any security?”
  • این همی‌‌گفتند و دلشان می‌‌طپید ** بد کجا آید ز ما نعم العبید
  • They were saying this, but their hearts were throbbing (with desire)—“How should evil come from us? Good servants (of God) are we!”
  • خار خار دو فرشته هم نهشت ** تا که تخم خویش بینی را نکشت‌‌ 3420
  • The prick of desire in the two angels did not leave (them) until it sowed the seed of self-conceit.
  • پس همی‌‌گفتند کای ارکانیان ** بی‌‌خبر از پاکی روحانیان‌‌
  • Then they were saying, “O ye that are composed of the (four) elements (and are) unacquainted with the purity of the spiritual beings,
  • ما بر این گردون تتقها می‌‌تنیم ** بر زمین آییم و شادروان زنیم‌‌
  • We are weaving veils (of worship and glorification of God) over this Heaven (in which we dwell), we will come to earth and set up the canopy,
  • عدل توزیم و عبادت آوریم ** باز هر شب سوی گردون بر پریم‌‌
  • We will deal justice and perform worship and every night we will fly up again to Heaven,
  • تا شویم اعجوبه‌‌ی دور زمان ** تا نهیم اندر زمین امن و امان‌‌
  • That we may become the wonder of the world, that we may establish safety and security on the earth.”
  • آن قیاس حال گردون بر زمین ** راست ناید فرق دارد در کمین‌‌ 3425
  • The analogy between the state of Heaven and (that of) the earth is inexact: it has a concealed difference.
  • در بیان آن که حال خود و مستی خود پنهان باید داشت از جاهلان‌‌
  • Explaining that one must keep one's own (spiritual) state and (mystical) intoxication hidden from the ignorant.