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  • برترند از عرش و کرسی و خلا ** ساکنان مقعد صدق خدا
  • They who dwell in God's seat of truth are higher than the Throne and the Footstool and the Void.
  • پرسیدن پیغامبر علیه السلام مر زید را امروز چونی و چون برخاستی و جواب گفتن او که اصبحت مومنا یا رسول الله‌‌
  • How the Prophet, on whom be peace, asked Zayd, “How art thou to-day and in what state hast thou risen?” and how Zayd answered him, saying, “This morning I am a true believer, O Messenger of Allah.”
  • گفت پیغمبر صباحی زید را ** کیف اصبحت ای رفیق با صفا 3500
  • One morning the Prophet said to Zayd, “How art thou this morning, O sincere comrade?”
  • گفت عبدا مومنا باز اوش گفت ** کو نشان از باغ ایمان گر شگفت‌‌
  • He replied, “(This morning I am) a faithful servant of God.” Again he (the Prophet) said to him, “Where is thy token from the garden of Faith, if it has bloomed?”
  • گفت تشنه بوده‌‌ام من روزها ** شب نخفته ستم ز عشق و سوزها
  • He said, “I have been athirst in the daytime, at night I have not slept because of love and burning griefs,
  • تا ز روز و شب گذر کردم چنان ** که از اسپر بگذرد نوک سنان‌‌
  • So that I passed through (and beyond) day and night, as the point of the spear passes through the shield;
  • که از آن سو جمله‌‌ی ملت یکی ست ** صد هزاران سال و یک ساعت یکی ست‌‌
  • For beyond (the realm of contraries) all religion is one: hundreds of thousands of years are the same as a single hour.
  • هست ازل را و ابد را اتحاد ** عقل را ره نیست آن سو ز افتقاد 3505
  • Eternity and everlastingness are unified (yonder): the understanding hath no way thither by means of inquiry.”
  • گفت از این ره کو رهاوردی بیار ** در خور فهم و عقول این دیار
  • The Prophet said, “Where is the traveller's gift (that thou hast brought home) from this journey? Produce (a gift) suitable to the understanding of (intelligible to) the minds of this country (the phenomenal world).”
  • گفت خلقان چون ببینند آسمان ** من ببینم عرش را با عرشیان‌‌
  • Zayd said, “When (other) people see the sky, I behold the Throne of God with those who dwell there.
  • هشت جنت هفت دوزخ پیش من ** هست پیدا همچو بت پیش شمن‌‌
  • The Eight Paradises and the Seven Hells are as visible to me as the idol to the idolater.