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  • دور دور عیسی است ای مردمان ** بشنوید اسرار کیش او به جان‌‌ 360
  • The (present) epoch is the epoch of Jesus. O men, hearken with your souls unto the mysteries of his religion!’”
  • کرد با وی شاه آن کاری که گفت ** خلق حیران مانده ز ان مکر نهفت‌‌
  • The king did to him that deed (mutilation) which he had proposed: the people remained in amazement at that hidden (mysterious) plot.
  • راند او را جانب نصرانیان ** کرد در دعوت شروع او بعد از آن‌‌
  • He (the king) drove him away to the Christians. After that, he (the vizier) began to proselytise.
  • قبول کردن نصارا مکر وزیر را
  • How the Christians let themselves be duped by the vizier.
  • صد هزاران مرد ترسا سوی او ** اندک اندک جمع شد در کوی او
  • Myriads of Christian men gathered round him, little by little, in his abode,
  • او بیان می‌‌کرد با ایشان به راز ** سر انگلیون و زنار و نماز
  • (While) he secretly expounded to them the mysteries of Gospel and girdle and prayer.
  • او به ظاهر واعظ احکام بود ** لیک در باطن صفیر و دام بود 365
  • Outwardly he was a preacher of (religious) ordinances, but inwardly he was (as) the whistle and snare (of the fowler).
  • بهر این بعضی صحابه از رسول ** ملتمس بودند مکر نفس غول‌‌
  • On this account some Companions (of Mohammed) begged of the Prophet (that he would acquaint them with) the deceitfulness of the ghoul-like soul,
  • کاو چه آمیزد ز اغراض نهان ** در عبادتها و در اخلاص جان‌‌
  • Saying, “What of hidden selfish interests does it mingle in acts of worship and in pure spiritual devotion?”
  • فضل طاعت را نجستندی از او ** عیب ظاهر را بجستندی که کو
  • They were not seeking from him excellence of piety; they were inquiring where lay the outward defect.
  • مو به مو و ذره ذره مکر نفس ** می‌‌شناسیدند چون گل از کرفس‌‌
  • Hair by hair, speck by speck, they were recognising the deceitfulness of the fleshly soul as (plainly as the difference of) the rose from parsley.