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  • کاو چه آمیزد ز اغراض نهان ** در عبادتها و در اخلاص جان‌‌
  • Saying, “What of hidden selfish interests does it mingle in acts of worship and in pure spiritual devotion?”
  • فضل طاعت را نجستندی از او ** عیب ظاهر را بجستندی که کو
  • They were not seeking from him excellence of piety; they were inquiring where lay the outward defect.
  • مو به مو و ذره ذره مکر نفس ** می‌‌شناسیدند چون گل از کرفس‌‌
  • Hair by hair, speck by speck, they were recognising the deceitfulness of the fleshly soul as (plainly as the difference of) the rose from parsley.
  • موشکافان صحابه هم در آن ** وعظ ایشان خیره گشتندی به جان‌‌ 370
  • Even the hair-splitters (the most scrupulous) of the Companions used to become distraught in spirit at the (Prophet's) admonition to them (the inquirers).
  • متابعت نصارا وزیر را
  • How the Christians followed the vizier.
  • دل بدو دادند ترسایان تمام ** خود چه باشد قوت تقلید عام‌‌
  • The Christians all gave their hearts to him: what (how great), indeed, is the strength of the (blind) conformity of the vulgar!
  • در درون سینه مهرش کاشتند ** نایب عیساش می‌‌پنداشتند
  • They planted love of him within their breasts, they were regarding him as the vicar of Jesus.
  • او به سر دجال یک چشم لعین ** ای خدا فریادرس نعم المعین‌‌
  • He inwardly (in reality) was the accursed one-eyed Antichrist. O God, do Thou (hear and) answer the cry (of those in trouble) —what a good helper art Thou!
  • صد هزاران دام و دانه ست ای خدا ** ما چو مرغان حریص بی‌‌نوا
  • O God, there are myriads of snares and baits, and we are as greedy foodless birds.
  • دم‌‌به‌‌دم ما بسته‌‌ی دام نویم ** هر یکی گر باز و سیمرغی شویم‌‌ 375
  • From moment to moment we are caught in a fresh snare, though we become, each one, (like) a falcon or a Símurgh.
  • می‌‌رهانی هر دمی ما را و باز ** سوی دامی می‌‌رویم ای بی‌‌نیاز
  • Every moment Thou art delivering us, and again we are going to a snare, O Thou who art without want!