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  • در شجاعت شیر ربانی ستی ** در مروت خود که داند کیستی‌‌
  • In bravery you are the Lion of the Lord: in generosity who indeed knows who (what) you are?
  • در مروت ابر موسایی به تیه ** کآمد از وی خوان و نان بی‌‌شبیه‌‌
  • In generosity you are (like) Moses' cloud in the desert, whence came the dishes of food and bread incomparable.”
  • ابرها گندم دهد کان را به جهد ** پخته و شیرین کند مردم چو شهد
  • The clouds give wheat which man with toil makes cooked (easy to digest) and sweet as honey.
  • ابر موسی پر رحمت بر گشاد ** پخته و شیرین بی‌‌زحمت بداد 3735
  • (But) Moses' cloud spread the wings of mercy and gave cooked and sweet food that was (ready to be eaten) without trouble.
  • از برای پخته خواران کرم ** رحمتش افراشت در عالم علم‌‌
  • For the sake of those (beggars) who partook of its bounty, its (the cloud's) mercy raised a banner (displayed itself) in the world.
  • تا چهل سال آن وظیفه و آن عطا ** کم نشد یک روز از آن اهل رجا
  • During forty years that ration and largesse did not fail the hopeful people (of Israel) for a single day,
  • تا هم ایشان از خسیسی خاستند ** گندنا و تره و خس خواستند
  • Until they too, because of their vileness, arose and demanded leeks and green herbs and lettuce.
  • امت احمد که هستند از کرام ** تا قیامت هست باقی آن طعام‌‌
  • O people of Ahmad (Mohammed), who are of the noble, (for you) that food is continuing till the Resurrection.
  • چون ابیت عند ربی فاش شد ** یطعم و یسقی کنایت زاش شد 3740
  • When (the Prophet's saying), “I pass the night with my Lord,” was uttered, (the words) “He gives (me) food” and “He gives (me) drink” referred metaphorically to (spiritual) food (and drink).
  • هیچ بی‌‌تاویل این را در پذیر ** تا در آید در گلو چون شهد و شیر
  • Accept this (saying) without any (perverse) interpretation, that it may come into your throat (as agreeably) as honey and milk.