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  • کاین به یک لفظی شود از خواجه حر ** و آن زید شیرین و میرد سخت مر
  • For the latter becomes free at a single word from his master, while the former lives sweet but dies exceedingly bitter.
  • بنده‌‌ی شهوت ندارد خود خلاص ** جز به فضل ایزد و انعام خاص‌‌
  • The slave of lust hath no (means of) release at all except through the grace of God and His special favour.
  • در چهی افتاد کان را غور نیست ** و آن گناه اوست جبر و جور نیست‌‌
  • He has fallen into a pit that has no bottom, and that is his (own) sin: it is not (Divine) compulsion and injustice.
  • در چهی انداخت او خود را که من ** در خور قعرش نمی‌‌یابم رسن‌‌
  • He has cast himself into such a pit that I find no rope capable of (reaching) its bottom.
  • بس کنم گر این سخن افزون شود ** خود جگر چه بود که خارا خون شود 3820
  • I will make an end. If this discourse go further, not only hearts but rocks will bleed.
  • این جگرها خون نشد نز سختی است ** غفلت و مشغولی و بد بختی است‌‌
  • (If) these hearts have not bled, ’tis not because of (their) hardness, ’tis (because of) heedlessness and preoccupation and ill-fatedness.
  • خون شود روزی که خونش سود نیست ** خون شو آن وقتی که خون مردود نیست‌‌
  • They will bleed one day when blood is no use to them: do thou bleed at a time when (thy) blood is not rejected.
  • چون گواهی بندگان مقبول نیست ** عدل او باشد که بنده‌‌ی غول نیست‌‌
  • Inasmuch as the testimony of slaves is not accepted, the approved witness is he that is not the slave of the ghoul (of sensuality).
  • گشت ارسلناک شاهد در نذر ** ز آن که بود از کون او حر ابن حر
  • (The words) We have sent thee as a witness came in the Warning (the Qur’án), because he (the Prophet) was entirely free from (creaturely) existence.
  • چون که حرم خشم کی بندد مرا ** نیست اینجا جز صفات حق در آ 3825
  • “Since I am free, how should anger bind me? Nothing is here but Divine qualities. Come in!