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  • رفته در صحرای بی‌‌چون جانشان ** روحشان آسوده و ابدانشان‌‌
  • Their souls are gone into the desert that is without description: their spirits and bodies are at rest;
  • وز صفیری باز دام اندر کشی ** جمله را در داد و در داور کشی‌‌
  • And with a whistle thou leadest them back to the snare, leadest them all (back) to justice and to the judge.
  • فالق الإصباح اسرافیل‌‌وار ** جمله را در صورت آرد ز ان دیار
  • Like Isráfíl (Seraphiel), He (God) who causes the dawn to break brings them all from those lands (of spirit) into (the world of) form.
  • روحهای منبسط را تن کند ** هر تنی را باز آبستن کند
  • He embodies the spirits divested (of body), He makes each body pregnant (laden) again (with actions and works).
  • اسب جانها را کند عاری ز زین ** سر النوم اخ الموت است این‌‌ 400
  • He makes the steed of the souls bare of saddle: this is the inner meaning of “Sleep is the brother of Death”;
  • لیک بهر آن که روز آیند باز ** بر نهد بر پایشان بند دراز
  • But in order that they may return in the daytime, He puts a long tether on their leg,
  • تا که روزش واکشد ز ان مرغزار ** وز چراگاه آردش در زیر بار
  • So that in the daytime He may lead it back from that meadow and bring it from the pasture (to go) under the load.
  • کاش چون اصحاب کهف این روح را ** حفظ کردی یا چو کشتی نوح را
  • Would that He had guarded this spirit as the Men of the Cave or as the Ark of Noah,
  • تا از این طوفان بیداری و هوش ** وارهیدی این ضمیر چشم و گوش‌‌
  • That this mind and eye and ear might be delivered from the Flood of wakefulness and consciousness!
  • ای بسی اصحاب کهف اندر جهان ** پهلوی تو پیش تو هست این زمان‌‌ 405
  • Oh, in the world there is many a Man of the Cave beside you, before you, at this time: