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  • جان همه روز از لگدکوب خیال ** وز زیان و سود وز خوف زوال‌‌
  • All day long, from the buffets of phantasy and from (thoughts of) loss and gain and from fear of decline,
  • نی صفا می‌‌ماندش نی لطف و فر ** نی به سوی آسمان راه سفر
  • There remains to it (the soul) neither joy nor grace and glory nor way of journeying to Heaven.
  • خفته آن باشد که او از هر خیال ** دارد اومید و کند با او مقال‌‌
  • The one asleep (to spiritual things) is he who hath hope of every vain fancy and holds parley with it.
  • دیو را چون حور بیند او به خواب ** پس ز شهوت ریزد او با دیو آب‌‌
  • Diabolum per somnum videt tanquam virginem caelestem, deinde propter libidinem effundit cum diabolo aquam (seminis). [During sleep, he sees (in a dream) a demon resembling a heavenly maiden (houri); then he pours forth (seminal) fluid out of lust (in imagined intercourse) with the demon.]
  • چون که تخم نسل را در شوره ریختا ** و به خویش آمد خیال از وی گریخت‌‌ 415
  • Postquam semen generationis in terram salsuginosam infudit, ipse ad se rediit, fugit ab eo illa imago. [After he had scattered the seed of generation on salty (infertile) ground, he came to himself (and) the phantom fled from him.]
  • ضعف سر بیند از آن و تن پلید ** آه از آن نقش پدید ناپدید
  • Hinc percepit languorem capitis et (videt) corpus pollutum. Proh dolor ob illud simulacrum visum (sed revera) non visum! [Because of that, he sees (himself as) faint of head and polluted of body. Alas, because of that visible (but) invisible form!]
  • مرغ بر بالا و زیر آن سایه‌‌اش ** می‌‌دود بر خاک پران مرغ‌‌وش‌‌
  • The bird is flying on high, and below, its shadow is speeding on the earth, flying like a bird:
  • ابلهی صیاد آن سایه شود ** می‌‌دود چندان که بی‌‌مایه شود
  • Some fool begins to chase the shadow, running (after it) so far that he becomes powerless (exhausted),
  • بی‌‌خبر کان عکس آن مرغ هواست ** بی‌‌خبر که اصل آن سایه کجاست‌‌
  • Not knowing that it is the reflexion of that bird in the air, not knowing where is the origin of the shadow.
  • تیر اندازد به سوی سایه او ** ترکشش خالی شود از جستجو 420
  • He shoots arrows at the shadow; his quiver is emptied in seeking (to shoot it):