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  • این جسد خانه‌‌ی حسد آمد بدان ** از حسد آلوده باشد خاندان‌‌
  • This body, you must know, is the house of envy, for the household are tainted with envy.
  • گر جسد خانه‌‌ی حسد باشد و لیک ** آن جسد را پاک کرد الله نیک‌‌
  • If the body is the house of envy, yet God made that body very pure.
  • طهرا بيتي بیان پاکی است ** گنج نور است ار طلسمش خاکی است‌‌
  • (The text) Cleanse My house, ye twain, is the explanation of (such) purity: it (the purified heart) is a treasure of (Divine) light, though its talisman is of earth.
  • چون کنی بر بی‌‌جسد مکر و حسد ** ز آن حسد دل را سیاهیها رسد 435
  • When you practise deceit and envy against one who is without envy, from that envy black stain arise in your heart.
  • خاک شو مردان حق را زیر پا ** خاک بر سر کن حسد را همچو ما
  • Become (as) dust under the feet of the men of God; throw dust on the head of envy, even as we do.
  • بیان حسد وزیر
  • Explanation of the envy of the vizier.
  • آن وزیرک از حسد بودش نژاد ** تا به باطل گوش و بینی باد داد
  • That petty vizier had his origin from envy, so that for vanity he gave to the wind (sacrificed) his ears and nose,
  • بر امید آن که از نیش حسد ** زهر او در جان مسکینان رسد
  • In the hope that by the sting of envy his venom might enter the souls of the poor (Christians).
  • هر کسی کاو از حسد بینی کند ** خویشتن بی‌‌گوش و بی‌‌بینی کند
  • Any one who from envy mutilates his nose makes himself without ear and without nose (unable to apprehend spiritual things).
  • بینی آن باشد که او بویی برد ** بوی او را جانب کویی برد 440
  • The nose is that which catches a scent, and which the scent leads towards an abode (of spiritual truth).
  • هر که بویش نیست بی‌‌بینی بود ** بوی آن بوی است کان دینی بود
  • Whoever hath no scent is without a nose; the scent (referred to) is that scent which is religious.