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  • هر که درمان کرد مر جان مرا ** برد گنج و در و مرجان مرا 45
  • Whoever heals her that is my life will bear away with him my treasure and pearls, large and small.”
  • جمله گفتندش که جان‌‌بازی کنیم ** فهم گرد آریم و انبازی کنیم‌‌
  • They all answered him, saying, “We will hazard our lives and summon all our intelligence and put it into the common stock.
  • هر یکی از ما مسیح عالمی است ** هر الم را در کف ما مرهمی است‌‌
  • Each one of us is a learned Messiah: in our hands is a medicine for every pain.”
  • گر خدا خواهد نگفتند از بطر ** پس خدا بنمودشان عجز بشر
  • In their arrogance they did not say, “If God will”; therefore God showed unto them the weakness of Man.
  • ترک استثنا مرادم قسوتی است ** نی همین گفتن که عارض حالتی است‌‌
  • I mean (a case in which) omission of the saving clause is (due to) a hardness of heart; not the mere saying of these words, for that is a superficial circumstance.
  • ای بسا ناورده استثنا به گفت ** جان او با جان استثناست جفت‌‌ 50
  • How many a one has not pronounced the saving clause, and yet his soul is in harmony with the soul of it!
  • هر چه کردند از علاج و از دوا ** گشت رنج افزون و حاجت ناروا
  • The more cures and remedies they applied, the more did the illness increase, and the need was not fulfilled.
  • آن کنیزک از مرض چون موی شد ** چشم شه از اشک خون چون جوی شد
  • The sick girl became (thin) as a hair, (while) the eyes of the king flowed with tears of blood, like a river.
  • از قضا سرکنگبین صفرا فزود ** روغن بادام خشکی می‌‌نمود
  • By Divine destiny, oxymel increased the bile, and oil of almonds was producing dryness.
  • از هلیله قبض شد اطلاق رفت ** آب آتش را مدد شد همچو نفت‌‌
  • From (giving) myrobalan constipation resulted, relaxation ceased; and water fed the flames, like naphtha.
  • ظاهر شدن عجز حکیمان از معالجه‌‌ی کنیزک و روی آوردن پادشاه به درگاه خدا و در خواب دیدن او ولی را
  • How it became manifest that the physicians were unable to cure the handmaiden, and how the king turned his face towards God and dreamed of a holy man.