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  • هر که جز آگاه و صاحب ذوق بود ** گفت او در گردن او طوق بود
  • (As for) any (Christian) who was not wary and possessed of discernment, the words of him (the vizier) were (as) a collar on his neck.
  • مدت شش سال در هجران شاه ** شد وزیر اتباع عیسی را پناه‌‌
  • During six years, in separation from the king, the vizier became a refuge for the followers of Jesus.
  • دین و دل را کل بدو بسپرد خلق ** پیش امر و حکم او می‌‌مرد خلق‌‌
  • To him the people wholly surrendered their religion and their hearts: at his command and decree they were ready to die.
  • پیغام شاه پنهان با وزیر
  • How the king sent messages in secret to the vizier.
  • در میان شاه و او پیغامها ** شاه را پنهان بدو آرامها 455
  • Messages (passed) between the king and him: the king had words of comfort from him in secret.
  • پیش او بنوشت شه کای مقبلم ** وقت آمد زود فارغ کن دلم‌‌
  • The king wrote to him, saying, “O my fortunate one, the time is come: quickly set my mind at ease.”
  • گفت اینک اندر آن کارم شها ** کافکنم در دین عیسی فتنه‌‌ها
  • He replied: “Behold, O king, I am preparing to cast disorders into the religion of Jesus.”
  • بیان دوازده سبط از نصارا
  • Explanation of the twelve tribes of the Christians.
  • قوم عیسی را بد اندر دار و گیر ** حاکمانشان ده امیر و دو امیر
  • The people of Jesus had twelve amírs as rulers in authority over them.
  • هر فریقی مر امیری را تبع ** بنده گشته میر خود را از طمع‌‌
  • Each party followed one amír and had become devoted to its own amír from desire (of worldly gain).
  • این ده و این دو امیر و قومشان ** گشته بند آن وزیر بدنشان‌‌ 460
  • These twelve amírs and their followers became in bondage to (a prey to) that vizier of evil sign.
  • اعتماد جمله بر گفتار او ** اقتدای جمله بر رفتار او
  • They all put trust in his words, they all took his procedure as a pattern.