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  • این نمط وین نوع ده طومار و دو ** بر نوشت آن دین عیسی را عدو
  • Twelve scrolls of this style and fashion were drawn up in writing by that enemy to the religion of Jesus.
  • بیان آن که این اختلافات در صورت روش است نه در حقیقت راه
  • Showing how these differences lie in the form of the doctrine, not in the real nature of the Way.
  • او ز یک رنگی عیسی بو نداشت ** وز مزاج خم عیسی خو نداشت‌‌ 500
  • He had no scent (perception) of the unicolority of Jesus, nor had he a disposition from (imbued with) the tincture of the dyeing-vat of Jesus.
  • جامه‌‌ی صد رنگ از آن خم صفا ** ساده و یک رنگ گشتی چون صبا
  • From that pure vat a garment of a hundred colours would become as simple and one-coloured as the zephyr.
  • نیست یک رنگی کز او خیزد ملال ** بل مثال ماهی و آب زلال‌‌
  • (This) is not the unicolority from which weariness ensues; nay, it is (a case) like (that of) fishes and clear water:
  • گر چه در خشکی هزاران رنگهاست ** ماهیان را با یبوست جنگهاست‌‌
  • Although there are thousands of colours on dry land, (yet) fishes are at war with dryness.
  • کیست ماهی چیست دریا در مثل ** تا بدان ماند ملک عز و جل‌‌
  • Who is the fish and what is the sea in (my) simile, that the King Almighty and Glorious should resemble them?
  • صد هزاران بحر و ماهی در وجود ** سجده آرد پیش آن اکرام و جود 505
  • In (the world of) existence myriads of seas and fishes prostrate themselves in adoration before that Munificence and Bounty.
  • چند باران عطا باران شده ** تا بدان آن بحر در افشان شده‌‌
  • How many a rain of largesse hath rained, so that the sea was made thereby to scatter pearls!
  • چند خورشید کرم افروخته ** تا که ابر و بحر جود آموخته‌‌
  • How many a sun of generosity hath shone, so that cloud and sea learned to be bountiful!
  • پرتو دانش زده بر آب و طین ** تا شده دانه پذیرنده‌‌ی زمین‌‌
  • The sunbeams of Wisdom struck on soil and clay, so that the earth became receptive of the seed.