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  • بود ذکر حلیه‌‌ها و شکل او ** بود ذکر غزو و صوم و اکل او
  • There was mention of his (external) characteristics and appearance; there was mention of his warring and fasting and eating.
  • طایفه‌‌ی نصرانیان بهر ثواب ** چون رسیدندی بدان نام و خطاب‌‌
  • A party among the Christians, for the sake of the Divine reward, whenever (in reading the Gospel) they came to that name and discourse,
  • بوسه دادندی بر آن نام شریف ** رو نهادندی بر آن وصف لطیف‌‌ 730
  • Would bestow kisses on that noble name and stoop their faces towards that beauteous description.
  • اندر این فتنه که گفتیم آن گروه ** ایمن از فتنه بدند و از شکوه‌‌
  • In this tribulation of which we have told, that party were secure from tribulation and dread,
  • ایمن از شر امیران و وزیر ** در پناه نام احمد مستجیر
  • Secure from the mischief of the amírs and the vizier, seeking refuge in the protection of the Name of Ahmad (Mohammed).
  • نسل ایشان نیز هم بسیار شد ** نور احمد ناصر آمد یار شد
  • Their offspring also multiplied: the Light of Ahmad aided and befriended them.
  • و آن گروه دیگر از نصرانیان ** نام احمد داشتندی مستهان‌‌
  • And the other party among the Christians (who) were holding the Name of Ahmad in contempt,
  • مستهان و خوار گشتند از فتن ** از وزیر شوم رای شوم فن‌‌ 735
  • They became contemptible and despised through dissensions caused by the evil counselling and evil-plotting vizier;
  • هم مخبط دینشان و حکمشان ** از پی طومارهای کژ بیان‌‌
  • Moreover, their religion and their law became corrupted in consequence of the scrolls which set forth all perversely.
  • نام احمد این چنین یاری کند ** تا که نورش چون نگهداری کند
  • The Name of Ahmad gives such help as this, so that (one may judge) how his Light keeps guard (over his followers).