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  • دست را اندر احد و احمد بزن ** ای برادر واره از بو جهل تن‌‌
  • Lay your hand on (cleave to) the One (God) and Ahmad (Mohammed)! O brother, escape from the Bú Jahl of the body!
  • به سخن آمدن طفل در میان آتش و تحریض کردن خلق را در افتادن به آتش‌‌
  • How a child began to speak amidst the fire and urged the people to throw themselves into the fire.
  • یک زنی با طفل آورد آن جهود ** پیش آن بت و آتش اندر شعله بود
  • That Jew brought to that idol a woman with her child, and the fire was blazing.
  • طفل از او بستد در آتش در فکند ** زن بترسید و دل از ایمان بکند
  • He took the child from her and cast it into the fire: the woman was affrighted and withdrew her heart from (abandoned) her faith.
  • خواست تا او سجده آرد پیش بت ** بانگ زد آن طفل إنی لم أمت‌‌ 785
  • She was about to bow down before the idol (when) the child cried, “Verily, I am not dead.
  • اندر آ ای مادر اینجا من خوشم ** گر چه در صورت میان آتشم‌‌
  • Come in, O mother: I am happy here, although in appearance I am amidst the fire.
  • چشم بند است آتش از بهر حجاب ** رحمت است این سر بر آورده ز جیب‌‌
  • The fire is a spell that binds the eye for the sake of screening (the truth); this is (in reality) a Divine mercy which has raised its head from the collar (has been manifested from the Unseen).
  • اندر آ مادر ببین برهان حق ** تا ببینی عشرت خاصان حق‌‌
  • Come in, mother, and see the evidence of God, that thou mayst behold the delight of God's elect.
  • اندر آ و آب بین آتش مثال ** از جهانی کاتش است آبش مثال‌‌
  • Come in, and see water that has the semblance of fire; (come away) from a world which is (really) fire and (only) has the semblance of water.
  • اندر آ اسرار ابراهیم بین ** کاو در آتش یافت سرو و یاسمین‌‌ 790
  • Come in, and see the mysteries of Abraham, who in the fire found cypress and jessamine.
  • مرگ می‌‌دیدم گه زادن ز تو ** سخت خوفم بود افتادن ز تو
  • I was seeing death at the time of birth from thee: sore was my dread of falling from thee;