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  • اندر آ مادر ببین برهان حق ** تا ببینی عشرت خاصان حق‌‌
  • Come in, mother, and see the evidence of God, that thou mayst behold the delight of God's elect.
  • اندر آ و آب بین آتش مثال ** از جهانی کاتش است آبش مثال‌‌
  • Come in, and see water that has the semblance of fire; (come away) from a world which is (really) fire and (only) has the semblance of water.
  • اندر آ اسرار ابراهیم بین ** کاو در آتش یافت سرو و یاسمین‌‌ 790
  • Come in, and see the mysteries of Abraham, who in the fire found cypress and jessamine.
  • مرگ می‌‌دیدم گه زادن ز تو ** سخت خوفم بود افتادن ز تو
  • I was seeing death at the time of birth from thee: sore was my dread of falling from thee;
  • چون بزادم رستم از زندان تنگ ** در جهان خوش هوای خوب رنگ‌‌
  • (But) when I was born, I escaped from the narrow prison (of the womb) into a world of pleasant air and beautiful colour.
  • من جهان را چون رحم دیدم کنون ** چون در این آتش بدیدم این سکون‌‌
  • Now I deem the (earthly) world to be like the womb, since in this fire I have seen such rest:
  • اندر این آتش بدیدم عالمی ** ذره ذره اندر او عیسی دمی‌‌
  • In this fire I have seen a world wherein every atom possesses the (life-giving) breath of Jesus.
  • نک جهان نیست شکل هست ذات ** و آن جهان هست شکل بی‌‌ثبات‌‌ 795
  • Lo, (it is) a world apparently non-existent (but) essentially existent, while that (other) world is apparently existent (but) has no permanence.
  • اندر آ مادر به حق مادری ** بین که این آذر ندارد آذری‌‌
  • Come in, mother, (I beseech thee) by the right of motherhood: see this fire, how it hath no fieriness.
  • اندر آ مادر که اقبال آمده ست ** اندر آ مادر مده دولت ز دست‌‌
  • Come in, mother, for felicity is come; come in, mother, do not let fortune slip from thy hand.