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  • آن که می‌‌درید جامه‌‌ی خلق چست ** شد دریده آن او ایشان درست‌‌
  • He who was busy rending the garment (honour and integrity) of the people—his own (garment) was rent, (while) they were unhurt.
  • کج ماندن دهان آن مرد که نام محمد را علیه السلام به تسخر خواند
  • How the mouth remained awry of a man who pronounced the name of Mohammed, on whom be peace, derisively.
  • آن دهان کژ کرد و از تسخر بخواند ** مر محمد را دهانش کژ بماند
  • He made his mouth wry and called (the name of) Mohammed in derision: his mouth remained awry.
  • باز آمد کای محمد عفو کن ** ای ترا الطاف و علم من لدن‌‌
  • He came back, saying, “Pardon me, O Mohammed, O thou to whom belong the (Divine) favours and knowledge (derived) immediately from God.
  • من ترا افسوس می‌‌کردم ز جهل ** من بدم افسوس را منسوب و اهل‌‌
  • In my folly I was ridiculing thee, (but) I myself was related to ridicule and deserving it.”
  • چون خدا خواهد که پرده‌‌ی کس درد ** میلش اندر طعنه‌‌ی پاکان برد 815
  • When God wishes to rend the veil of any one (expose him to shame), He turns his inclination towards reviling holy men.
  • چون خدا خواهد که پوشد عیب کس ** کم زند در عیب معیوبان نفس‌‌
  • And if God wishes to hide the blame of any one, he (that person) does not breathe a word of blame against the blameworthy.
  • چون خدا خواهد که‌‌مان یاری کند ** میل ما را جانب زاری کند
  • When God wishes to help us, He turns our inclination towards humble lament.
  • ای خنک چشمی که آن گریان اوست ** وی همایون دل که آن بریان اوست‌‌
  • Oh, happy the eye that is weeping for His sake! Oh, fortunate the heart that is seared for His sake!
  • آخر هر گریه آخر خنده‌‌ای است ** مرد آخر بین مبارک بنده‌‌ای است‌‌
  • The end of every weeping is laughter at last; the man who foresees the end is a blessed servant (of God).
  • هر کجا آب روان سبزه بود ** هر کجا اشک روان رحمت شود 820
  • Wherever is flowing water, there is greenery: wherever are running tears, (the Divine) mercy is shown.