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  • بس که آن شیر از کمین درمی‌‌ربود ** آن چرا بر جمله ناخوش گشته بود
  • Inasmuch as the lion was (springing) from ambush and carrying them away, that pasturage had become unpleasant to them all.
  • حیله کردند آمدند ایشان بشیر ** کز وظیفه ما ترا داریم سیر
  • They made a plot: they came to the lion, saying, “We will keep thee full-fed by means of a (fixed) allowance.
  • بعد از این اندر پی صیدی میا ** تا نگردد تلخ بر ما این گیا
  • Henceforth do not come in quest of any prey in order that this grass may not become bitter to us.”
  • جواب گفتن شیر نخجیران را و فایده‌‌ی جهد گفتن‌‌
  • How the lion answered the beasts and explained the advantage of exertion.
  • گفت آری گر وفا بینم نه مکر ** مکرها بس دیده‌‌ام از زید و بکر
  • “Yes,” said he, “if I see (find) good faith (on your part), not fraud, for often have I seen (suffered) frauds from Zayd and Bakr.
  • من هلاک فعل و مکر مردمم ** من گزیده‌‌ی زخم مار و کژدمم‌‌ 905
  • I am done to death by the cunning and fraud of men, I am bitten by the sting of (human) snake and scorpion;
  • مردم نفس از درونم در کمین ** از همه مردم بتر در مکر و کین‌‌
  • (But) worse than all men in fraud and spite is the man of the flesh (nafs) lying in wait within me.
  • گوش من لا یلدغ المؤمن شنید ** قول پیغمبر به جان و دل گزید
  • My ear heard ‘The believer is not bitten (twice),’ and adopted (this) saying of the Prophet with heart and soul.”
  • ترجیح نهادن نخجیران توکل را بر جهد و اکتساب‌‌
  • How the beasts asserted the superiority of trust in God to exertion and acquisition.
  • جمله گفتند ای حکیم با خبر ** الحذر دع لیس یغنی عن قدر
  • They all said: “O knowing sage, let precaution alone: it is of no avail against the Divine decree.
  • در حذر شوریدن شور و شر است ** رو توکل کن توکل بهتر است‌‌
  • In precaution is the embroilment of broil and woe: go, put thy trust in God: trust in God is better.
  • با قضا پنجه مزن ای تند و تیز ** تا نگیرد هم قضا با تو ستیز 910
  • Do not grapple with Destiny, O fierce and furious one, lest Destiny also pick a quarrel with thee.