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  • چون فضولی گشت و دست و پا نمود ** در عنا افتاد و در کور و کبود
  • When he became a busybody and plied hand and foot (exerted himself), he fell into trouble and wretchedness.
  • جانهای خلق پیش از دست و پا ** می‌‌پریدند از وفا اندر صفا 925
  • The spirits of created beings, before (the creation of) hand and foot, by reason of their faithfulness were flying in (the realm of) purity;
  • چون به امر اهبطوا بندی شدند ** حبس خشم و حرص و خرسندی شدند
  • When they were constrained by the (Divine) command, Get ye down, they became engaoled in anger and covetousness and contentment.
  • ما عیال حضرتیم و شیر خواه ** گفت الخلق عیال للإله‌‌
  • We are the family of the Lord and craving after milk (like infants): he (the Prophet) said, ‘The people are God's family.’
  • آن که او از آسمان باران دهد ** هم تواند کاو ز رحمت نان دهد
  • He who gives rain from heaven is also able, from His mercy, to give us bread.”
  • باز ترجیح‌‌نهادن شیر جهد را بر توکل‌‌
  • How the lion pronounced exertion to be superior to trust in God.
  • گفت شیر آری ولی رب العباد ** نردبانی پیش پای ما نهاد
  • “Yes,” said the lion; “but the Lord of His servants set a ladder before our feet.
  • پایه پایه رفت باید سوی بام ** هست جبری بودن اینجا طمع خام‌‌ 930
  • Step by step must we climb towards the roof: to be a necessitarian here is (to indulge in) foolish hopes.
  • پای داری چون کنی خود را تو لنگ ** دست داری چون کنی پنهان تو چنگ‌‌
  • You have feet: why do you make yourself out to be lame? you have hands: why do you conceal the fingers (whereby you grasp)?
  • خواجه چون بیلی به دست بنده داد ** بی‌‌زبان معلوم شد او را مراد
  • When the master put a spade in the slave's hand, his object was made known to him (the slave) without (a word falling from his) tongue.
  • دست همچون بیل اشارتهای اوست ** آخر اندیشی عبارتهای اوست‌‌
  • Hand and spade alike are His (God's) implicit signs; (our powers of) thinking upon the end are His explicit declarations.