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  • دست بگشاد و کنارانش گرفت ** همچو عشق اندر دل و جانش گرفت‌‌
  • He (the king) opened his hands and clasped him to his breast and received him, like love, into his heart and soul,
  • دست و پیشانیش بوسیدن گرفت ** وز مقام و راه پرسیدن گرفت‌‌
  • And began to kiss his hand and brow and inquire concerning his home and journey.
  • پرس پرسان می‌‌کشیدش تا به صدر ** گفت گنجی یافتم آخر به صبر 95
  • (So) with many a question he led him to the dais. “At last,” said he, “I have found a treasure by being patient.”
  • گفت ای نور حق و دفع حرج ** معنی الصبر مفتاح الفرج‌‌
  • He said (also), “O light of God and defence against trouble, (O thou who art) the meaning of ‘Patience is the key of joy’!
  • ای لقای تو جواب هر سؤال ** مشکل از تو حل شود بی‌‌قیل و قال‌‌
  • O thou whose countenance is the answer to every question, by thee hard knots are loosed without discussion.
  • ترجمانی هر چه ما را در دل است ** دست گیری هر که پایش در گل است‌‌
  • Thou interpretest all that is in our hearts, thou givest a helping hand to every one whose foot is in the mire.
  • مرحبا یا مجتبی یا مرتضی ** إن تغب جاء القضاء ضاق الفضا
  • Welcome, O chosen one, O approved one! If thou vanish, Destiny will come (upon us) and the wide room will be straitened.
  • أنت مولی القوم من لا یشتهی ** قد ردی کلا لئن لم ینته‌‌ 100
  • Thou art the protector of the people. He that desires (thee) not hath gone to perdition. Nay, verily, if he do not refrain…!”
  • بردن پادشاه آن طبیب را بر سر بیمار تا حال او را ببیند
  • How the king led the physician to the bedside of the sick girl, that he might see her condition.
  • چون گذشت آن مجلس و خوان کرم ** دست او بگرفت و برد اندر حرم‌‌
  • When that meeting and bounteous (spiritual) repast was over, he took his hand and conducted him to the harem.
  • قصه‌‌ی رنجور و رنجوری بخواند ** بعد از آن در پیش رنجورش نشاند
  • He rehearsed the tale of the invalid and her illness, and then seated him beside the sick (girl).