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  • کان مسلمان را بخشم از چه چنان ** بنگریدی تا شد آواره ز خان‌‌ 965
  • “Didst thou look with anger on that Moslem in order that he might wander (as an exile) far from his home?”
  • گفت من از خشم کی کردم نظر ** از تعجب دیدمش در رهگذر
  • Azrael said, “When did I look (on him) angrily? I saw him as I passed by, (and looked at him) in astonishment,
  • که مرا فرمود حق که امروز هان ** جان او را تو به هندستان ستان‌‌
  • For God had commanded me, saying, ‘Hark, to-day do thou take his spirit in India.’
  • از عجب گفتم گر او را صد پر است ** او به هندستان شدن دور اندر است‌‌
  • From wonder I said (to myself), ‘(Even) if he has a hundred wings, ’tis a far journey for him to be in India (to-day).’”
  • تو همه کار جهان را همچنین ** کن قیاس و چشم بگشا و ببین‌‌
  • In like manner judge of all the affairs of this world and open your eye and see!
  • از که بگریزیم از خود ای محال ** از که برباییم از حق ای وبال‌‌ 970
  • From whom shall we flee? From ourselves? Oh, absurdity! From whom shall we take (ourselves) away? From God? Oh, crime!
  • باز ترجیح‌‌نهادن شیر جهد را بر توکل و فواید جهد را بیان کردن‌‌
  • How the lion again declared exertion to be superior to trust in God and expounded the advantages of exertion.
  • شیر گفت آری و لیکن هم ببین ** جهدهای انبیا و مومنین‌‌
  • “Yes,” said the lion; “but at the same time consider the exertions of the prophets and the true believers.
  • حق تعالی جهدشان را راست کرد ** آن چه دیدند از جفا و گرم و سرد
  • God, exalted is He, prospered their exertion and what they suffered of oppression and heat and cold.
  • حیله‌‌هاشان جمله حال آمد لطیف ** کل شی‌‌ء من ظریف هو ظریف‌‌
  • Their plans were excellent in all circumstances: everything done by a goodly man is goodly.
  • دامهاشان مرغ گردونی گرفت ** نقصهاشان جمله افزونی گرفت‌‌
  • Their snares caught the Heavenly bird, all their deficiencies turned to increment.”