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  • سر شکسته نیست این سر را مبند ** یک دو روزک جهد کن باقی بخند
  • Your head is not broken: do not bandage this head. Exert yourself (in doing good works) for one or two little days (i.e. during this brief life), and laugh unto everlasting!
  • بد محالی جست کاو دنیا بجست ** نیک حالی جست کاو عقبی بجست‌‌
  • An evil resort sought he that sought this world; a good state sought he that sought the world to come.
  • مکرها در کسب دنیا بارد است ** مکرها در ترک دنیا وارد است‌‌ 980
  • Plots for gaining (the things of) this world are worthless, (but) plots for renouncing this world are inspired (by God).
  • مکر آن باشد که زندان حفره کرد ** آن که حفره بست آن مکری ست سرد
  • The (right) plot is that he (the prisoner) digs a hole in his prison (in order to escape); if he blocks up the hole, that is a foolish plot.
  • این جهان زندان و ما زندانیان ** حفره کن زندان و خود را وارهان‌‌
  • This world is the prison, and we are the prisoners: dig a hole in the prison and let yourself out!
  • چیست دنیا از خدا غافل بدن ** نی قماش و نقره و میزان و زن‌‌
  • What is this world? To be forgetful of God; it is not merchandise and silver and weighing-scales and women.
  • مال را کز بهر دین باشی حمول ** نعم مال صالح خواندش رسول‌‌
  • As regards the wealth that you carry for religion's sake, “How good is righteous wealth (for the righteous man)!” as the Prophet recited.
  • آب در کشتی هلاک کشتی است ** آب اندر زیر کشتی پشتی است‌‌ 985
  • Water in the boat is the ruin of the boat, (but) water underneath the boat is a support.
  • چون که مال و ملک را از دل براند ** ز آن سلیمان خویش جز مسکین نخواند
  • Since he cast out from his heart (the desire for) wealth and possessions, on that account Solomon did not call himself (by any name) but “poor.”
  • کوزه‌‌ی سر بسته اندر آب زفت ** از دل پر باد فوق آب رفت‌‌
  • The stoppered jar, (though) in rough water, floated on the water because of its wind-filled (empty) heart.