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  • تاب نور چشم با پیه است جفت ** نور دل در قطره‏ی خونی نهفت‏ 1180
  • The sparkle of the eye's light is paired with the fat; the light of the heart is hidden in a drop of blood;
  • شادی اندر گرده و غم در جگر ** عقل چون شمعی درون مغز سر
  • Joy (has its seat) in the kidneys, grief in the liver; intellect, (bright) as a candle, inside the brain in the head.
  • این تعلقها نه بی‏کیف است و چون ** عقلها در دانش چونی زبون‏
  • These connexions are not without a how and a why, (but) as regards knowledge of the why (our) minds are impotent.
  • جان کل با جان جزو آسیب کرد ** جان از او دری ستد در جیب کرد
  • The Universal Soul came into contact with the partial (individual) soul, and the (latter) soul received from it a pearl and put it into its bosom.
  • همچو مریم جان از آن آسیب جیب ** حامله شد از مسیح دل فریب‏
  • Through that touch on its bosom the (individual) soul became pregnant, like Mary, with a heart-beguiling Messiah,
  • آن مسیحی نه که بر خشک و تر است ** آن مسیحی کز مساحت برتر است‏ 1185
  • Not the Messiah who is (a traveller) on land and water, (but) the Messiah who is beyond (the limitation of) measuring (space).
  • پس ز جان جان چو حامل گشت جان ** از چنین جانی شود حامل جهان‏
  • So when the soul has been impregnated by the Soul of soul, by such a soul the world is impregnated.
  • پس جهان زاید جهان دیگری ** این حشر را وا نماید محشری‏
  • Then the world gives birth to another world, and displays to this congregated people a place of congregation (for the realities which are raised to life).
  • تا قیامت گر بگویم بشمرم ** من ز شرح این قیامت قاصرم‏
  • Though I should speak and recount till the Resurrection, I lack the power to describe this (spiritual) resurrection.
  • این سخنها خود به معنی یا ربی است ** حرفها دام دم شیرین لبی است‏
  • These sayings (of mine), indeed, are really an “O Lord” (a prayer addressed to God); the words are the lure for the breath of a sweet-lipped One.