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  • بیخهای خوی بد محکم شده ** قوت بر کندن آن کم شده‏
  • The roots of bad habit firmly set, and the power to tear them up decreased.
  • فرمودن والی آن مرد را که این خار بن را که نشانده‏ای بر سر راه بر کن
  • How the Governor commanded a certain man, saying, “Root up the thorn bush which you have planted on the road.”
  • همچو آن شخص درشت خوش سخن ** در میان ره نشاند او خار بن‏
  • As (for example) that callous fair-spoken person planted a thorn bush in the middle of the road.
  • ره گذریانش ملامت‏گر شدند ** بس بگفتندش بکن این را نکند
  • The wayfarers reproached him and oftentimes told him to dig it up: he dug it not up.
  • هر دمی آن خار بن افزون شدی ** پای خلق از زخم آن پر خون شدی‏
  • Every moment the thorn bush was growing bigger: the people's feet were streaming with blood from its pricks.
  • جامه‏های خلق بدریدی ز خار ** پای درویشان بخستی زار زار 1230
  • The people's clothes were being rent by the thorns: the feet of the poor were being wounded pitiably.
  • چون به جد حاکم بدو گفت این بکن ** گفت آری بر کنم روزیش من‏
  • When the Governor said to him with earnestness, “Dig this up,” he replied, “Yes, I will dig it up some day.”
  • مدتی فردا و فردا وعده داد ** شد درخت خار او محکم نهاد
  • For a long while he promised (to dig it up) to-morrow and to-morrow; (meantime) his thorn bush became robust in constitution.
  • گفت روزی حاکمش ای وعده کژ ** پیش آ در کار ما واپس مغز
  • One day the Governor said to him, “O false promiser, go forward with my affair, do not creep back.”
  • گفت الایام یا عم بیننا ** گفت عجل لا تماطل دیننا
  • He replied, “O uncle, the days are between us.” “Make haste,” said he, “do not put off payment of my debt.”
  • تو که می‏گویی که فردا این بدان ** که به هر روزی که می‏آید زمان‏ 1235
  • You who say “To-morrow,” be aware of this, that with every day that time is coming (and going),