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  • حمد لله کین رسن آویختند ** فضل و رحمت را بهم آمیختند
  • Praise be to God, that this rope has been dangled, (and that) grace and mercy have been blended together,
  • تا ببینی عالم جان جدید ** عالم بس آشکار ناپدید
  • So that you may behold the world of the new spirit, a world very manifest, (though) invisible.
  • این جهان نیست چون هستان شده ** و آن جهان هست بس پنهان شده‏ 1280
  • This (phenomenal) world of non-existence has become like (real) existence, while that world of (real) existence has become very hidden.
  • خاک بر باد است و بازی می‏کند ** کژنمایی پرده سازی می‏کند
  • The dust is on the wind: it is playing, it is making a false show and forming a veil.
  • اینکه بر کار است بی‏کار است و پوست ** و انکه پنهان است مغز و اصل اوست‏
  • This, which is busy (in appearance), is (really) idle and (superficial, like) a husk; and that which is hidden is its core and origin.
  • خاک همچون آلتی در دست باد ** باد را دان عالی و عالی نژاد
  • The dust is as a tool in the hand of the wind: deem the wind high and of high descent.
  • چشم خاکی را به خاک افتد نظر ** باد بین چشمی بود نوعی دگر
  • The gaze of the eye of dust falls on the dust; an eye that sees the wind is of another sort.
  • اسب داند اسب را کاو هست یار ** هم سواری داند احوال سوار 1285
  • A horse knows a horse, because it (one horse) is associated (homogeneous with other horses); likewise (only) a rider knows the things appertaining to a rider.
  • چشم حس اسب است و نور حق سوار ** بی‏سواره اسب خود ناید به کار
  • The sensuous eye is the horse, and the Light of God is the rider: without the rider the horse itself is useless.
  • پس ادب کن اسب را از خوی بد ** ور نه پیش شاه باشد اسب رد
  • Therefore train the horse (so as to cure it) of bad habits; else the horse will be rejected before the King.