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  • آن چه پیدا عاجز و بسته و زبون ** و آن چه ناپیدا چنان تند و حرون‏
  • That which is seen is helpless and confined and feeble; and that which is unseen is so fierce and uncontrollable.
  • ما شکاریم این چنین دامی کراست ** گوی چوگانیم چوگانی کجاست‏ 1310
  • We are the (hunted) prey: to whom belongs such a (fearful) snare? We are the ball (for the blows) of the polo-bat—and where is the Batsman?
  • می‏درد می‏دوزد این خیاط کو ** می‏دمد می‏سوزد این نفاط کو
  • He tears, He sews: where is this Tailor? He blows, He burns: where is this Fire-kindler?
  • ساعتی کافر کند صدیق را ** ساعتی زاهد کند زندیق را
  • At one hour He makes the true saint an unbeliever; at another hour He makes the (impious) deist an (orthodox) ascetic;
  • ز انکه مخلص در خطر باشد ز دام ** تا ز خود خالص نگردد او تمام‏
  • For the mukhlis (sincere worshipper) is in danger of the snare until he becomes entirely purged of self,
  • ز انکه در راهست و ره زن بی‏حد است ** آن رهد کاو در امان ایزد است‏
  • Because he is (still) on the Way, and the brigands are numberless: (only) he escapes who is under God's safeguard.
  • آینه‏ی خالص نگشت او مخلص است ** مرغ را نگرفته است او مقنص است‏ 1315
  • (If) he has not become (selfless, like) a pure mirror, he is (no more than) mukhlis: (if) he has not caught the bird, he is (still) hunting;
  • چون که مخلص گشت مخلص باز رست ** در مقام امن رفت و برد دست‏
  • (But) when the mukhlis has become mukhlas, he is delivered: he has reached the place of safety and has won the victory.
  • هیچ آیینه دگر آهن نشد ** هیچ نانی گندم خرمن نشد
  • No mirror (ever) became iron again; no bread (ever) became the wheat in the stack.
  • هیچ انگوری دگر غوره نشد ** هیچ میوه‏ی پخته با کوره نشد
  • No full-grown grape (ever) became a young grape; no mature fruit (ever) became premature fruit.