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  • شرمم آمد که یکی تلخ از کفت ** من ننوشم ای تو صاحب معرفت‏ 1525
  • I was ashamed not to eat one bitter thing from thy hand, O thou who art possessed of knowledge.
  • چون همه اجزام از انعام تو ** رسته‏اند و غرق دانه و دام تو
  • Since all parts of me have grown from thy bounty and are plunged in thy bait and snare—
  • گر ز یک تلخی کنم فریاد و داد ** خاک صد ره بر سر اجزام باد
  • If I make outcry and complaint because of one bitter thing, may the dust of a hundred roads be on (all) parts of me!
  • لذت دست شکر بخشت بداشت ** اندر این بطیخ تلخی کی گذاشت‏
  • It (the melon) had the enjoyment of thy sugar-bestowing hand: how could it (such enjoyment) leave any bitterness in this melon?”
  • از محبت تلخها شیرین شود ** از محبت مسها زرین شود
  • By love bitter things become sweet; by love pieces of copper become golden;
  • از محبت دردها صافی شود ** از محبت دردها شافی شود 1530
  • By love dregs become clear; by love pains become healing;
  • از محبت مرده زنده می‏کنند ** از محبت شاه بنده می‏کنند
  • By love the dead is made living; by love the king is made a slave.
  • این محبت هم نتیجه‏ی دانش است ** کی گزافه بر چنین تختی نشست‏
  • This love, moreover, is the result of knowledge: who (ever) sat in foolishness on such a throne?
  • دانش ناقص کجا این عشق زاد ** عشق زاید ناقص اما بر جماد
  • On what occasion did deficient knowledge give birth to this love? Deficient (knowledge) gives birth to love, but (only love) for that which is (really) lifeless.
  • بر جمادی رنگ مطلوبی چو دید ** از صفیری بانگ محبوبی شنید
  • When it sees in a lifeless being the colour (appearance) of a desired one, (’tis as though) it heard the voice of a beloved in a whistle.