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  • دانش ناقص کجا این عشق زاد ** عشق زاید ناقص اما بر جماد
  • On what occasion did deficient knowledge give birth to this love? Deficient (knowledge) gives birth to love, but (only love) for that which is (really) lifeless.
  • بر جمادی رنگ مطلوبی چو دید ** از صفیری بانگ محبوبی شنید
  • When it sees in a lifeless being the colour (appearance) of a desired one, (’tis as though) it heard the voice of a beloved in a whistle.
  • دانش ناقص نداند فرق را ** لاجرم خورشید داند برق را 1535
  • Deficient knowledge cannot discriminate: of necessity it deems the lightning to be the sun.
  • چون که ملعون خواند ناقص را رسول ** بود در تاویل نقصان عقول‏
  • When the Prophet called the “deficient” (man) accursed, (his meaning) as interpreted was “deficiency of mind,”
  • ز انکه ناقص تن بود مرحوم رحم ** نیست بر مرحوم لایق لعن و زخم‏
  • Because one whose body is deficient is the object of (Divine) mercy: cursing and repulse (directed) against the object of (Divine) mercy are improper.
  • نقص عقل است آن که بد رنجوری است ** موجب لعنت سزای دوری است‏
  • ’Tis deficiency of mind that is the bad disease: it is the cause of (God's) curse and merits banishment (from His presence),
  • ز انکه تکمیل خردها دور نیست ** لیک تکمیل بدن مقدور نیست‏
  • Forasmuch as the perfecting of minds is not remote (impossible), but the perfecting of the body is not within our power.
  • کفر و فرعونی هر گبر بعید ** جمله از نقصان عقل آمد پدید 1540
  • The miscreance and Pharaoh-like pride of every infidel who is far (from God) have all been produced by deficiency of mind.
  • بهر نقصان بدن آمد فرج ** در نبی که ما علی الاعمی حرج‏
  • Relief for bodily deficiency has come in the (words of the) Qur’án—it is no crime in the blind man.
  • برق آفل باشد و بس بی‏وفا ** آفل از باقی ندانی بی‏صفا
  • Lightning is transient and very faithless: without clearness (of mind) you will not know the transient from the permanent.