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  • این جهان تن غلط انداز شد ** جز مر آن را کاو ز شهوت باز شد 1560
  • This bodily world is deceptive, save to him that has escaped from lust.
  • تتمه‏ی حسد آن حشم بر آن غلام خاص‏
  • Conclusion of (the story) how the (other) retainers envied the favourite slave.
  • قصه‏ی شاه و امیران و حسد ** بر غلام خاص و سلطان خرد
  • The story of the King and the amírs and their envy of the favourite slave and lord of wisdom
  • دور ماند از جر جرار کلام ** باز باید گشت و کرد آن را تمام‏
  • Has been left far (behind) on account of the powerful attraction of the discourse.(Now) we must turn back and conclude it.
  • باغبان ملک با اقبال و بخت ** چون درختی را نداند از درخت‏
  • The happy and fortunate gardener of the (Divine) kingdom — how should not he know one tree from another?
  • آن درختی را که تلخ و رد بود ** و آن درختی که یکش هفصد بود
  • The tree that is bitter and reprobate, and the tree whose one is (as) seven hundred (of the other)—
  • کی برابر دارد اندر تربیت ** چون ببیندشان به چشم عاقبت‏ 1565
  • How, in rearing (them), should he deem (them) equal, when he beholds them with the eye (that is conscious) of the end,
  • کان درختان را نهایت چیست بر ** گر چه یکسانند این دم در نظر
  • (And knows) what (different) fruit those trees will ultimately bear, though at this moment they are alike in appearance'?
  • شیخ کاو ینظر بنور الله شد ** از نهایت وز نخست آگاه شد
  • The Shaykh who has become seeing by the light of God has become acquainted with the end and the beginning.
  • چشم آخر بین ببست از بهر حق ** چشم آخر بین گشاد اندر سبق‏
  • He has shut for God's sake the eye that sees the stable the world); he has opened, in priority, the eye that sees the en .
  • آن حسودان بد درختان بوده‏اند ** تلخ گوهر شور بختان بوده‏اند
  • Those envious ones were bad trees; they were ill-fortuned ones of bitter stock.