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  • خواجه‏ی فردا و حالی پیش او ** او نمی‏بیند ز گنجی جز تسو 1610
  • The master of to-morrow and of the present (is) before it; (yet) of a (whole) treasure it sees only a groat.
  • ذره‏ای ز آن آفتاب آرد پیام ** آفتاب آن ذره را گردد غلام‏
  • (If) a mote bring a message from yonder Sun, the sun would become a slave to that mote.
  • قطره‏ای کز بحر وحدت شد سفیر ** هفت بحر آن قطره را باشد اسیر
  • The drop that has become an envoy from the Sea of Unity— the seven seas would be captive to that drop.
  • گر کف خاکی شود چالاک او ** پیش خاکش سر نهد افلاک او
  • If a handful of earth become His courier, His heavens will lay their heads (in homage) before His earth.
  • خاک آدم چون که شد چالاک حق ** پیش خاکش سر نهند املاک حق‏
  • Since the earth of Adam became God's courier, God's angels lay their heads (in worship) before His earth.
  • السماء انشقت آخر از چه بود ** از یکی چشمی که خاکی بر گشود 1615
  • Wherefore (was it), pray, that heaven was rent asunder? Because of one (spiritual) eye that an earthly creature opened.
  • خاک از دردی نشیند زیر آب ** خاک بین کز عرش بگذشت از شتاب‏
  • Earth, from its grossness, settles beneath water; (but) see how earth has sped beyond the empyrean!
  • آن لطافت پس بدان کز آب نیست ** جز عطای مبدع وهاب نیست‏
  • Know, then, that the subtlety (of water) is not (derived) from the water: ’tis only the gift of the Bounteous Originator.
  • گر کند سفلی هوا و نار را ** ور ز گل او بگذراند خار را
  • If He make air and fire low (in place), and if He let the thorn surpass the rose,
  • حاکم است و یفعل الله ما یشاء ** کاو ز عین درد انگیزد دوا
  • He is the Ruler and (the One who said) God doeth what He willeth: from the very self of pain He raises the remedy.