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  • گفت پیغمبر عداوت از خرد ** بهتر از مهری که از جاهل رسد
  • The Prophet said, “Enmity (proceeding) from wisdom is better than the love that comes from a fool.”
  • رنجانیدن امیری خفته‏ای را که مار در دهانش رفته بود
  • How an Amír harassed a sleeping man into whose mouth a snake had gone.
  • عاقلی بر اسب می‏آمد سوار ** در دهان خفته‏ای می‏رفت مار
  • A wise man was riding along (at the moment when) a snake was going into the mouth of a man asleep.
  • آن سوار آن را بدید و می‏شتافت ** تا رماند مار را فرصت نیافت‏
  • The rider saw that, and was hurrying to scare away the snake, (but) he got no chance (of doing so).
  • چون که از عقلش فراوان بد مدد ** چند دبوسی قوی بر خفته زد 1880
  • Since he had an abundant supply of intelligence, he struck the sleeper several powerful blows with a mace.
  • برد او را زخم آن دبوس سخت ** زو گریزان تا به زیر یک درخت‏
  • The strokes of the hard mace drove him in flight from him (the rider) to beneath a tree.
  • سیب پوسیده بسی بد ریخته ** گفت از این خور ای به درد آویخته‏
  • There were many rotten apples which had dropped (from the tree): he said, “Eat of these, O you in the grip of pain!”
  • سیب چندان مر و را در خورد داد ** کز دهانش باز بیرون می‏فتاد
  • He gave him so many apples to eat that they were falling out of his mouth again.
  • بانگ می‏زد کای امیر آخر چرا ** قصد من کردی تو نادیده جفا
  • He was crying, “O Amír, pray, why have you set on me when you have not suffered injury?
  • گر ترا ز اصل است با جانم ستیز ** تیغ زن یک بارگی خونم بریز 1885
  • If you have an inveterate and mortal feud with me, strike with your sword and shed my blood at once.
  • شوم ساعت که شدم بر تو پدید ** ای خنک آن را که روی تو ندید
  • Ill-omened (was) the hour I came into your sight: oh, happy he that never saw your face!