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  • آینه‏ی دل صاف باید تا در او ** واشناسی صورت زشت از نکو
  • The mirror of the heart must be clear, in order that you may know therein the ugly form from the beautiful.
  • ترک گفتن آن مرد ناصح بعد از مبالغه‏ی پند مغرور خرس را
  • How the man of sincere counsel, after having done his utmost in (the way of) admonition, took leave of him who was deluded by (his confidence in) the bear.
  • آن مسلمان ترک ابله کرد و تفت ** زیر لب لاحول‏گویان باز رفت‏
  • That Moslem left the foolish man and quickly, saying Lá hawl under his lip (breath), went back (to his abode).
  • گفت چون از جد و پندم وز جدال ** در دل او بیش می‏زاید خیال‏ 2065
  • He said, “Inasmuch as from my earnestness and admonition and from (my) disputing (with him), (the only result is that) vain fancies are being born in his mind more (and more),
  • پس ره پند و نصیحت بسته شد ** امر أعرض عنهم پیوسته شد
  • Therefore the road of admonition and counsel has become barred: the command, ‘Turn aside from them,’ has arrived.”
  • چون دوایت می‏فزاید درد پس ** قصه با طالب بگو بر خوان عبس‏
  • When your remedy increases the disease, then (leave him who will not be cured, and) tell your story to one that seeks (to hear the Truth). Read (the chapter of the Qur’án, which begins with the word) ‘Abasa (he frowned):
  • چون که اعمی طالب حق آمده ست ** بهر فقر او را نشاید سینه خست‏
  • “As the blind man has come seeking the Truth, ‘tis not meet to wound his breast (by turning aside from him) on account of his poverty.
  • تو حریصی بر رشاد مهتران ** تا بیاموزند عام از سروران‏
  • Thou (Mohammed) art eager for the great ones to take the right way, in order that the common folk may learn from the rulers.
  • احمدا دیدی که قومی از ملوک ** مستمع گشتند گشتی خوش که بوک‏ 2070
  • O Ahmad (Mohammed), thou hast seen that a company of princes have become ready to listen (to thee), and thou art pleased (with the hope) that, maybe,
  • این رئیسان یار دین گردند خوش ** بر عرب اینها سرند و بر حبش‏
  • These chieftains will become good friends of the Religion (Islam), (for) they are lords over the Arabs and the Abyssinians,
  • بگذرد این صیت از بصره و تبوک ** ز انکه الناس علی دین الملوک‏
  • (And that) the fame of this will pass beyond Basra and Tabúk, since ‘people follow the religion of their kings.’