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  • و آن که حق را ساخت در پیمان سند ** تن کند چون تار و گرد او تند 2140
  • But he that makes God his support in (keeping) his promise will make his body (thin) as a thread and wind (himself) about Him.
  • رفتن مصطفی علیه السلام به عیادت صحابی و بیان فایده عیادت‏
  • How Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, went to visit the (sick) Companion; and an exposition of the profit of visiting the sick.
  • از صحابه خواجه‏ای بیمار شد ** و اندر آن بیماریش چون تار شد
  • A notable amongst the Companions (of Mohammed) fell ill, and in that illness of his became (thin) as a thread.
  • مصطفی آمد عیادت سوی او ** چون همه لطف و کرم بد خوی او
  • Mustafá went to visit him, since his (Mustafá's) nature was all kindness and generosity.
  • در عیادت رفتن تو فایده است ** فایده آن باز با تو عایده است‏
  • There is profit in your visiting the sick: the profit thereof is returning to you again.
  • فایده اول که آن شخص علیل ** بوک قطبی باشد و شاه جلیل‏
  • The first profit is that the sick person may perchance be a Qutb and a glorious (spiritual) king;
  • ور نباشد قطب یار ره بود ** شه نباشد فارس اسپه بود 2145
  • And if he be not a Qutb, he may be a friend of the (Súfí) Way; if he be not the king, he may be the cavalier of the host.
  • پس صله یاران ره لازم شمار ** هر که باشد گر پیاده گر سوار
  • Deem it, then, incumbent (on you) to attach yourselves to the friends of the Way, whosoever it may be, and whether (he be) footman or rider.
  • ور عدو باشد همین احسان نکوست ** که به احسان بس عدو گشته است دوست‏
  • And if he be a foe (to you), still this kindness is good, for by kindness many a foe hath been made a friend;
  • ور نگردد دوست کینش کم شود ** ز آن که احسان کینه را مرهم شود
  • And though he do not become a friend, his enmity is lessened, because kindness becomes the balm for enmity.
  • بس فواید هست غیر این و لیک ** از درازی خایفم ای یار نیک‏
  • There are many profits besides these, but I am afraid of being tedious, good friend.