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  • باز می‏دید آن خرش در راه رو ** گه به چاهی می‏فتاد و گه به گو
  • Again he would see his ass going along the road and falling now into a well and now into a ditch.
  • گونه‏گون می‏دید ناخوش واقعه ** فاتحه می‏خواند او و القارعه‏
  • He was dreaming various unpleasant dreams; he was reciting the Fátiha and the Qári‘a.
  • گفت چاره چیست یاران جسته‏اند ** رفته‏اند و جمله درها بسته‏اند 225
  • He said (to himself), “What can be done to help? My friends have hurried out: they have departed and made all the doors fast.”
  • باز می‏گفت ای عجب آن خادمک ** نه که با ما گشت هم نان و نمک‏
  • Again he would say, “Oh, I wonder—that wretched servant! Did not he partake of bread and salt with us?
  • من نکردم با وی الا لطف و لین ** او چرا با من کند بر عکس کین‏
  • I showed him nothing but courtesy and mildness: why should he on the contrary show hatred towards me?
  • هر عداوت را سبب باید سند ** ور نه جنسیت وفا تلقین کند
  • Every enmity must rest on some cause; otherwise, our spiritual affinity would dictate faithfulness (in friendship).”
  • باز می‏گفت آدم با لطف وجود ** کی بر آن ابلیس جوری کرده بود
  • Then he would say again, “When had Adam, the kind and generous, done an injury to Iblís?
  • آدمی مر مار و کژدم را چه کرد ** کاو همی‏خواهد مر او را مرگ و درد 230
  • What was done by man to snake and scorpion that they wish (to inflict) death and pain upon him?
  • گرگ را خود خاصیت بدریدن است ** این حسد در خلق آخر روشن است‏
  • To rend is the instinct of the wolf: after all, this envy is conspicuous in mankind.”
  • باز می‏گفت این گمان بد خطاست ** بر برادر این چنین ظنم چراست‏
  • Again he would say, “It is wrong thus to think evil: why have I such thoughts against my brother?”