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  • اصل و سرچشمه‏ی خوشی آن است آن ** زود تجری تحتها الأنهار خوان‏ 2455
  • That, that, is the source and fountainhead of joy: quick, recite (the text), (gardens) beneath which flow the rivers.
  • تتمه‏ی نصیحت رسول صلی الله علیه و آله بیمار را
  • Conclusion of the admonishment given by the Prophet, God bless and save him, to the sick man.
  • گفت پیغمبر مر آن بیمار را ** چون عیادت کرد یار زار را
  • The Prophet said to the sick man, when he visited (his) suffering friend,
  • که مگر نوعی دعایی کرده‏ای ** از جهالت زهربایی خورده‏ای‏
  • “Maybe you have made a prayer of some (peculiar) sort, and from ignorance have (as it were) eaten some poisoned food.
  • یاد آور چه دعا می‏گفته‏ای ** چون ز مکر نفس می‏آشفته‏ای‏
  • Bring to mind what (sort of) a prayer you said when you were being vexed by the guile of the fleshly soul.”
  • گفت یادم نیست الا همتی ** دار با من یادم آید ساعتی‏
  • He answered, “I do not remember; but direct a (spiritual) influence towards me, and it (the prayer) will come to my memory in a moment.”
  • از حضور نور بخش مصطفا ** پیش خاطر آمد او را آن دعا 2460
  • Through the light-giving presence of Mustafá (Mohammed), that prayer came into his mind;
  • همت پیغمبر روشن‏کده ** پیش خاطر آمدش آن گم شده‏
  • (From) the aspiration of the Prophet who dwells in light there came into his mind that which had been lost;
  • تافت ز آن روزن که از دل تا دل است ** روشنی که فرق حق و باطل است‏
  • Through the window which is between heart and heart flashed the light that separates truth and falsehood.
  • گفت اینک یادم آمد ای رسول ** آن دعا که گفته‏ام من بو الفضول‏
  • He said, “Look now, I have remembered, O Prophet, the prayer which I, impertinent fool, spoke.
  • چون گرفتار گنه می‏آمدم ** غرقه دست اندر حشایش می‏زدم‏
  • When I was being caught in (the toils of) sin, and drowning (therein) was clutching at straws––