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  • من کجا باور کنم آن دزد را ** دزد کی داند ثواب و مزد را
  • How shall I believe that thief? How should a thief know the recompense and reward for good works?”
  • باز جواب گفتن ابلیس معاویه را
  • How Iblís again made answer to Mu‘áwiya.
  • گفت ما اول فرشته بوده‏ایم ** راه طاعت را به جان پیموده‏ایم‏
  • He said, “At first I was an angel: I traversed the way of obedience (to God) with (all my) soul.
  • سالکان راه را محرم بدیم ** ساکنان عرش را هم دم بدیم‏
  • I was the confidant of them that follow the path (of devotion): I was familiar with them that dwell by the Throne of God.
  • پیشه‏ی اول کجا از دل رود ** مهر اول کی ز دل بیرون شود
  • How should (one's) first calling go out of (one's) mind? How should (one's) first love go forth from (one's) heart?
  • در سفر گر روم بینی یا ختن ** از دل تو کی رود حب الوطن‏ 2620
  • If in travel you see Anatolia or Khutan, how should love of your own country go from your heart?
  • ما هم از مستان این می بوده‏ایم ** عاشقان درگه وی بوده‏ایم‏
  • I too have been one of those drunken with this wine: I have been a lover at His court.
  • ناف ما بر مهر او ببریده‏اند ** عشق او در جان ما کاریده‏اند
  • They cut my navel in (predestined me from birth to) love of Him: they sowed love of Him in my heart.
  • روز نیکو دیده‏ایم از روزگار ** آب رحمت خورده‏ایم اندر بهار
  • I have seen good days from Fortune: I have drunk the water of (Divine) Mercy in (my) spring-time.
  • نه که ما را دست فضلش کاشته ست ** از عدم ما را نه او برداشته ست‏
  • Was it not the hand of His bounty that sowed me? Was it not He that raised me up from non-existence?
  • ای بسا کز وی نوازش دیده‏ایم ** در گلستان رضا گردیده‏ایم‏ 2625
  • Oh, many is the time I have received kindness from Him and walked in the rose-garden of (His) approval.