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  • صد هزاران را چو من تو ره زدی ** حفره کردی در خزینه آمدی‏
  • You have waylaid hundreds of thousands like me: you have made a hole and have come into the treasure-house.
  • آتشی از تو نسوزم چاره نیست ** کیست کز دست تو جامه‏ش پاره نیست‏
  • You are fire and naphtha: you are fire: I cannot help being burned by you. Who is there whose raiment is not torn to pieces by your hand?
  • طبعت ای آتش چو سوزانیدنی است ** تا نسوزانی تو چیزی چاره نیست‏ 2655
  • Inasmuch as it is your nature, O fire, to be a cause of burning, there is no help but you must burn something.
  • لعنت این باشد که سوزانت کند ** اوستاد جمله دزدانت کند
  • This is God's curse (on you), that He makes you burn (things) and makes you the master of all thieves.
  • با خدا گفتی شنیدی رو برو ** من چه باشم پیش مکرت ای عدو
  • You have spoken with God and heard (Him speak) face to face: what should I be (able to do) before your deceit, O enemy?
  • معرفتهای تو چون بانگ صفیر ** بانگ مرغانی است لیکن مرغ گیر
  • Your stock of knowledge is like the sound of (the fowler's) whistle: it is the cry of birds, but it is bird-ensnaring.
  • صد هزاران مرغ را آن ره زده ست ** مرغ غره کاشنایی آمده ست‏
  • That (whistle) has waylaid myriads of birds, the bird (in each case) being duped (by the fancy) that a friend is come.
  • در هوا چون بشنود بانگ صفیر ** از هوا آید شود اینجا اسیر 2660
  • When it hears in the air the sound of the whistle, it comes (down) from the air and is made captive here.
  • قوم نوح از مکر تو در نوحه‏اند ** دل کباب و سینه شرحه شرحه‏اند
  • Through your deceit the people of Noah are in lamentation: they have hearts charred and bosoms (torn) to shreds.
  • عاد را تو باد دادی در جهان ** در فگندی در عذاب و اندهان‏
  • You gave ‘Ád in this world to the wind (of destruction): you cast (them) into torment and sorrows.