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  • من ز شیطان این نجویم کاوست غیر ** که مرا بیدار گرداند به خیر
  • From Satan, who is other (than good), I do not look for this— that he should awaken me with good (intent).”
  • راست گفتن ابلیس ضمیر خود را به معاویه‏
  • How Iblís told truly his hidden thought to Mu‘áwiya—may God be well-pleased with him!
  • گفت بسیار آن بلیس از مکر و غدر ** میر از او نشنید کرد استیز و صبر
  • Iblís spoke many words of deceit and treachery, (but) the Amír hearkened not to him and strove (against him) and showed fortitude.
  • از بن دندان بگفتش بهر آن ** کردمت بیدار می‏دان ای فلان‏ 2765
  • (At length), with the bitterest pangs he (Iblís) said: “O such-and-such, know that I awakened you for the purpose
  • تا رسی اندر جماعت در نماز ** از پی پیغمبر دولت فراز
  • That you might join the congregation (of Moslems) in praying after the Prophet of high estate.
  • گر نماز از وقت رفتی مر ترا ** این جهان تاریک گشتی بی‏ضیا
  • If the time of prayers had passed, this world would have become dark to you and without a gleam of light;
  • از غبین و درد رفتی اشکها ** از دو چشم تو مثال مشکها
  • (And then) from disappointment and grief tears would have flowed from your two eyes in the fashion of (water from) water-skins,
  • ذوق دارد هر کسی در طاعتی ** لاجرم نشکیبد از وی ساعتی‏
  • (Because) every one has delight in some act of devotion and consequently cannot bear to miss it (even) for a short while.
  • آن غبین و درد بودی صد نماز ** کو نماز و کو فروغ آن نیاز 2770
  • That disappointment and grief would have been (as) a hundred prayers: what is (ritual) prayer in comparison with the (spiritual) glow of humble supplication?”
  • فضیلت حسرت خوردن آن مخلص بر فوت نماز جماعت‏
  • The excellence of the remorse felt by one who was sincere (in his devotion) for having missed the congregational prayers.
  • آن یکی می‏رفت در مسجد درون ** مردم از مسجد همی‏آمد برون‏
  • A certain man was going into the mosque (when) the people were coming out of the mosque.
  • گفت پرسان که جماعت را چه بود ** که ز مسجد می‏برون آیند زود
  • He began to ask (one of them), saying, “What ails the congregation that they are coming out of the mosque (so) soon?”