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  • آن غبین و درد بودی صد نماز ** کو نماز و کو فروغ آن نیاز 2770
  • That disappointment and grief would have been (as) a hundred prayers: what is (ritual) prayer in comparison with the (spiritual) glow of humble supplication?”
  • فضیلت حسرت خوردن آن مخلص بر فوت نماز جماعت‏
  • The excellence of the remorse felt by one who was sincere (in his devotion) for having missed the congregational prayers.
  • آن یکی می‏رفت در مسجد درون ** مردم از مسجد همی‏آمد برون‏
  • A certain man was going into the mosque (when) the people were coming out of the mosque.
  • گفت پرسان که جماعت را چه بود ** که ز مسجد می‏برون آیند زود
  • He began to ask (one of them), saying, “What ails the congregation that they are coming out of the mosque (so) soon?”
  • آن یکی گفتش که پیغمبر نماز ** با جماعت کرد و فارغ شد ز راز
  • That person said to him, “The Prophet has prayed with the congregation and finished (his) communion.
  • تو کجا در می‏روی ای مرد خام ** چون که پیغمبر بداده ست السلام‏
  • How art thou going in, O foolish man, when the Prophet has given the blessing?”
  • گفت آه و دود از آن اه شد برون ** آه او می‏داد از دل بوی خون‏ 2775
  • He cried, “Ah!” and smoke issued from that (burning) sigh: his sigh was giving forth the smell of blood from his heart.
  • آن یکی از جمع گفت این آه را ** تو به من ده و آن نماز من ترا
  • A certain man said, “Give (me) that sigh and may this (ritual) prayer of mine be (bestowed) on thee as a gift!”
  • گفت دادم آه و پذرفتم نماز ** او ستد آن آه را با صد نیاز
  • He answered, “I give the sigh and accept the prayers.” He (the other) took that sigh with a hundred yearnings (towards God).
  • شب به خواب اندر بگفتش هاتفی ** که خریدی آب حیوان و شفا
  • At night, whilst (he was) asleep, a Voice said to him, “Thou hast bought the Water of Life and salvation.
  • حرمت این اختیار و این دخول ** شد نماز جمله‏ی خلقان قبول‏
  • In honour of this choice and this appropriation the prayers of all the people have been accepted.”
  • تتمه‏ی اقرار ابلیس به معاویه مکر خود را
  • Conclusion of the confession made by Iblís to Mu‘áwiya of his deceit.