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  • حرمت این اختیار و این دخول ** شد نماز جمله‏ی خلقان قبول‏
  • In honour of this choice and this appropriation the prayers of all the people have been accepted.”
  • تتمه‏ی اقرار ابلیس به معاویه مکر خود را
  • Conclusion of the confession made by Iblís to Mu‘áwiya of his deceit.
  • پس عزازیلش به گفت ای میر راد ** مکر خود اندر میان باید نهاد 2780
  • Then ‘Azázíl said to him, “O noble Amír, I must lay my deceit before (you).
  • گر نمازت فوت می‏شد آن زمان ** می‏زدی از درد دل آه و فغان‏
  • If you had missed the prayers, you would then from heartache have uttered sighs and lamentations,
  • آن تاسف و آن فغان و آن نیاز ** در گذشتی از دو صد ذکر و نماز
  • And that regret and that lamentation and that (sorrowful) yearning would have exceeded (in value) two hundred litanies and prayers.
  • من ترا بیدار کردم از نهیب ** تا بسوزاند چنان آهی حجاب‏
  • I awakened you in fear lest such a sigh might burn the veil (of formality),
  • تا چنان آهی نباشد مر ترا ** تا بدان راهی نباشد مر ترا
  • In order that such a sigh should not be yours; in order that you should not have any way to it.
  • من حسودم از حسد کردم چنین ** من عدویم کار من مکر است و کین‏ 2785
  • I am envious: from envy I acted thus. I am the enemy: my (proper) work is deceit and malice.”
  • گفت اکنون راست گفتی صادقی ** از تو این آید تو این را لایقی‏
  • He (Mu‘áwiya) said, “Now you have told the truth, you are veracious. This (deceit) comes (naturally) from you: to this you are adapted.
  • عنکبوتی تو مگس داری شکار ** من نیم ای سگ مگس زحمت میار
  • You are a spider, you have flies as your prey; O cur, I am not a fly, (so) do not worry.
  • باز اسپیدم شکارم شه کند ** عنکبوتی کی بگرد ما تند
  • I am a white falcon: the King hunts me. How should a spider weave his web about me?