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  • تو مرا در خیر ز آن می‏خواندی ** تا مرا از خیر بهتر راندی‏
  • You were calling me to good for the purpose that you might drive me away from the better good.”
  • فوت شدن دزد به آواز دادن آن شخص صاحب خانه را که نزدیک آمده بود که دزد را دریابد و بگیرد
  • How a thief escaped because some one gave the alarm to the master of the house, who had nearly overtaken and caught the thief.
  • این بدان ماند که شخصی دزد دید ** در وثاق اندر پی او می‏دوید
  • This (behaviour of Iblís) is like that (which is told in the following story), how a certain man saw a thief in the house and ran after him.
  • تا دو سه میدان دوید اندر پیش ** تا در افگند آن تعب اندر خویش‏
  • He ran after him (the length of) two or three fields, till the fatigue threw him into a sweat.
  • اندر آن حمله که نزدیک آمدش ** تا بدو اندر جهد دریابدش‏ 2795
  • At the moment when, rushing on, he had come so near to him that he might spring upon him and seize him,
  • دزد دیگر بانگ کردش که بیا ** تا ببینی این علامات بلا
  • The second thief cried out to him, “Come, that you may see these signs of calamity.
  • زود باش و باز گرد ای مرد کار ** تا ببینی حال اینجا زار زار
  • Be quick and turn back, O man of (prompt) action, that you may see (how) very pitiable (is) the state of things here.”
  • گفت باشد کان طرف دزدی بود ** گر نگردم زود این بر من رود
  • He (the householder) said (to himself), “Maybe a thief is yonder: if I do not return at once, this (fate) will befall me.
  • در زن و فرزند من دستی زند ** بستن این دزد سودم کی کند
  • He may lay hands upon my wife and child, (and in that case) how would it profit me to bind this thief (whom I am pursuing)?
  • این مسلمان از کرم می‏خواندم ** گر نگردم زود پیش آید ندم‏ 2800
  • This Moslem is calling me in kindness: unless I return quickly, repentance will befall (me).”
  • بر امید شفقت آن نیک خواه ** دزد را بگذاشت باز آمد به راه‏
  • In (confident) hope of the compassion of that well-disposed (friend), he left the thief and again set off (in another direction).