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  • نه همه شبها بود قدر ای جوان ** نه همه شبها بود خالی از آن‏
  • Not all nights are (the Night of) Power, O youth, nor are all nights void of that (Night).
  • در میان دلق پوشان یک فقیر ** امتحان کن و آن که حق است آن بگیر
  • Amongst the wearers of the dervish-cloak there is one (true) dervish: make trial, and accept him that is true.
  • مومن کیس ممیز کو که تا ** باز داند هیزکان را از فتی‏
  • Where is the sagacious and discerning believer, that he may distinguish effeminate wretches from men?
  • گر نه معیوبات باشد در جهان ** تاجران باشند جمله ابلهان‏
  • If there be no faulty things in the world, all fools would be (shrewd) merchants.
  • پس بود کالا شناسی سخت سهل ** چون که عیبی نیست چه نااهل و اهل‏ 2940
  • Then it would be very easy to know (the value of) goods: when there is no defect, what (is the difference between) the incompetent and the competent (appraiser)?
  • ور همه عیب است دانش سود نیست ** چون همه چوب است اینجا عود نیست‏
  • And if everything is faulty, knowledge is of no advantage: since everything here is (common) wood, aloes-wood is not (to be found).
  • آن که گوید جمله حقند احمقی است ** و انکه گوید جمله باطل او شقی است‏
  • He that says, “All are true”—’tis folly (on his part); and he that says, “All are false”—he is damned.
  • تاجران انبیا کردند سود ** تاجران رنگ و بو کور و کبود
  • Those who trade with the prophets have gained (thereby); those who trade with colour and scent (worldly vanities) are blind and blue (miserable).
  • می‏نماید مار اندر چشم مال ** هر دو چشم خویش را نیکو بمال‏
  • The snake (már) appears in the eye as riches (mál): rub both your eyes well!
  • منگر اندر غبطه‏ی این بیع و سود ** بنگر اندر خسر فرعون و ثمود 2945
  • Do not consider the happiness of this (worldly) traffic and profit: consider the perdition of Pharaoh and Thamúd.
  • امتحان هر چیزی تا ظاهر شود خیر و شری که در وی است‏
  • On making trial of everything, so that the good and evil which are in it may be brought to view.