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  • تا ببیند طعم شیر مادرش ** تا فرو ناید بدایه‏ی بد سرش‏
  • That he may know the taste of his mother's milk, and that his head may not sink to (desire and accept the milk of) a bad nurse.
  • شرح فایده‏ی حکایت آن شخص شتر جوینده‏
  • Explaining the moral of the story of the person seeking (the lost) camel.
  • اشتری گم کرده‏ای ای معتمد ** هر کسی ز اشتر نشانت می‏دهد
  • You have lost a camel, O trusty (friend), and every one is giving you a clue to the camel.
  • تو نمی‏دانی که آن اشتر کجاست ** لیک دانی کاین نشانیها خطاست‏
  • You know not where the camel is, but you know that these clues are wrong.
  • و انکه اشتر گم نکرد او از مری ** همچو آن گم کرده جوید اشتری‏ 2975
  • And he that has not lost a camel—he (too) in contention seeks a camel, just like him who has (really) lost it,
  • که بلی من هم شتر گم کرده‏ام ** هر که یابد اجرتش آورده‏ام‏
  • Saying, “Yes; I too have lost a camel: I have brought a reward for any one who may find it.”
  • تا در اشتر با تو انبازی کند ** بهر طمع اشتر این بازی کند
  • (He says this) that he may take a partner's share with you in the camel: he plays this trick because of coveting the camel.
  • هر چه را گویی خطا بود آن نشان ** او به تقلید تو می‏گوید همان‏
  • If you say to any one, “That clue was false,” he (the pretender), in imitation of you, says the same.
  • او نشان کژ بنشناسد ز راست ** لیک گفتت آن مقلد را عصاست‏
  • He does not know wrong clues from right, but your words are a cue to that imitator.
  • چون نشان راست گویند و شبیه ** پس یقین گردد ترا لا ریب فیه‏ 2980
  • When they mention right and likely clues, then comes to you the certainty in which there is no doubt.
  • آن شفای جان رنجورت شود ** رنگ روی و صحت و زورت شود
  • That (clue) becomes balm to your sick soul; it becomes (brings) colour to your face and health and strength to you.