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  • پیش آن کس که نه صاحب اشتری ست ** کاو در این جست شتر بهر مری ست‏
  • (But) to that person who is not the owner of a camel, and who is (engaged) in this quest of the camel for contention's sake—
  • زین نشان راست نفزودش یقین ** جز ز عکس ناقه جوی راستین‏
  • His certainty is not increased by this right clue, save through reflexion from the true camel-seeker.
  • بوی برد از جد و گرمیهای او ** که گزافه نیست این هیهای او
  • From his (the latter's) earnestness and ardour he (the imitator) gets a scent (inkling) that these wild outcries of his are not (mere) babble.
  • اندر این اشتر نبودش حق ولی ** اشتری گم کرده است او هم بلی‏ 2990
  • He (the imitator) had no just claim to this camel, but he too has lost a camel; yes, (he has).
  • طمع ناقه‏ی غیر رو پوشش شده ** آنچ ازو گم شد فراموشش شده‏
  • Desire for another's camel has become a veil to him, (so that) he has forgotten what he (himself) has lost.
  • هر کجا او می‏دود این می‏دود ** از طمع هم درد صاحب می‏شود
  • Wherever he (the owner) runs, this one (the imitator) runs: from cupidity, he becomes a partner in the owner's pain.
  • کاذبی یا صادقی چون شد روان ** آن دروغش راستی شد ناگهان‏
  • When a liar sets out (to journey) with a truthful man, his falsehood turns to truth of a sudden.
  • اندر آن صحرا که آن اشتر شتافت ** اشتر خود نیز آن دیگر بیافت‏
  • In the desert whither that camel had hastened, the other one (the imitator) also found his own camel.
  • چون بدیدش یاد آورد آن خویش ** بی‏طمع شد ز اشتر آن یار و خویش‏ 2995
  • As soon as he saw it, he remembered his own, and ceased to covet the camel of that friend and kinsman.
  • آن مقلد شد محقق چون بدید ** اشتر خود را که آن جا می‏چرید
  • That imitator became a true searcher when he saw his camel browsing there.