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  • گفت تا اکنون فسوسی بوده‏ام ** وز طمع در چاپلوسی بوده‏ام‏ 3000
  • He replied, “Hitherto I have been an idle scoffer and, from cupidity, have been (engaged) in flattering (thee);
  • این زمان هم درد تو گشتم که من ** در طلب از تو جدا گشتم به تن‏
  • (But) now, when corporeally I have become parted from thee in the search, I have become sympathetic with thee (in spirit).
  • از تو می‏دزدیدمی وصف شتر ** جان من دید آن خود شد چشم پر
  • I was stealing the camel's description from thee; (but when) my spirit saw its own camel, it had its eye filled (with seeing).
  • تا نیابیدم نبودم طالبش ** مس کنون مغلوب شد زر غالبش‏
  • Till I found it, I was not seeking it; now the copper is overcome, the gold overpowers it.
  • سیئاتم شد همه طاعات شکر ** هزل شد فانی و جد اثبات شکر
  • My evil deeds have become pious acts entirely—thanks (to God)! Jest is vanished and earnest is realised—thanks (to God)!
  • سیئاتم چون وسیلت شد به حق ** پس مزن بر سیئاتم هیچ دق‏ 3005
  • Since my evil deeds have become the means of (my) attaining unto God, do not, then, throw any blame on my evil deeds.
  • مر ترا صدق تو طالب کرده بود ** مر مرا جد و طلب صدقی گشود
  • Thee thy sincerity had made a seeker; for me, toil and search opened (the way to) a sincere feeling.
  • صدق تو آورد در جستن ترا ** جستنم آورد در صدقی مرا
  • Thy sincerity led thee to seek; my seeking led me to a feeling of sincerity.
  • تخم دولت در زمین می‏کاشتم ** سخره و بیگار می‏پنداشتم‏
  • I was sowing the seed of fortune in the earth, (though) I fancied it was labour without wages and hire.
  • آن نبد بیگار کسبی بود چست ** هر یکی دانه که کشتم صد برست‏
  • ’Twas not labour without hire; ’twas an excellent earning: (for) every grain that I sowed, a hundred grew.