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  • کشت ایشان را که ما ترسیم از او ** ور خود این بر عکس کردی وای تو
  • He (God) slew them, that we might fear Him; and if indeed He had done contrariwise, alas for thee!
  • بیان حال خود پرستان و ناشکران در نعمت وجود انبیا و اولیا علیهم السلام‏
  • Explaining the state of those who are self-conceited and unthankful for the blessing of the existence of the prophets and saints—peace be unto them!
  • هر ک از ایشان گفت از عیب و گناه ** وز دل چون سنگ وز جان سیاه‏
  • Whosoever of them (the proclaimers of Divine Mercy) has spoken of fault and sin, and of a heart like stone, and of a black soul;
  • و ز سبک داری فرمان‏های او ** و ز فراغت از غم فردای او 3060
  • And of holding light His commands, and of being free from care for His To-morrow;
  • و ز هوس و ز عشق این دنیای دون ** چون زنان مر نفس را بودن زبون‏
  • And of being, like women, enslaved to the fleshly soul by passion and by love of this vile world;
  • و آن فرار از نکته‏های ناصحان ** و آن رمیدن از لقای صالحان‏
  • And of fleeing from the pungent sayings of sincere counsellors, and of shrinking from the countenance of the righteous;
  • با دل و با اهل دل بیگانگی ** با شهان تزویر و روبه‏شانگی‏
  • (And of) estrangement from the spirit and spiritual folk, (and of) fraud and fox-like behaviour towards the (spiritual) kings;
  • سیر چشمان را گدا پنداشتن ** از حسدشان خفیه دشمن داشتن‏
  • (And of) thinking the fully satisfied (saints) to be (greedy) beggars, (and of) secretly regarding them with enmity (arising) from envy—
  • گر پذیرد چیز تو گویی گداست ** ور نه گویی زرق و مکر است و دغاست‏ 3065
  • If he (such a saintly man as has been described) accept anything, you say he is a beggar; and if not, you say it is (from) hypocrisy and deceit and guile.
  • گر در آمیزد تو گویی طامع است ** ور نه گویی در تکبر مولع است‏
  • If he mix (in society), you say he is covetous; and if not, you say he is excessively given to pride;
  • یا منافق‏وار عذر آری که من ** مانده‏ام در نفقه‏ی فرزند و زن‏
  • Or you hypocritically excuse yourself, saying, “I am held back (by what I have to do) in maintaining my wife and children.