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  • گفت ضعف معده هم از پیری است ** گفت وقت دم مرا دم گیری است‏
  • The doctor replied, “Weakness of stomach also is (the result) of age.” Said he, “When I breathe, respiration is hard for me.”
  • گفت آری انقطاع دم بود ** چون رسد پیری دو صد علت شود
  • “Yes,” he said, “it is asthma*; when old age arrives, two hundred diseases come on.”
  • گفت ای احمق بر این بر دوختی ** از طبیبی تو همین آموختی‏
  • “O fool,” he exclaimed, “you have stuck at this: this is all that you have learned of medicine.
  • ای مدمغ عقلت این دانش نداد ** که خدا هر رنج را درمان نهاد 3095
  • O crack-brained man, your intellect has not given you this knowledge, that God hath appointed a remedy for every pain.
  • تو خر احمق ز اندک مایگی ** بر زمین ماندی ز کوته‏پایگی‏
  • You, stupid ass, from poorness of ability have remained (fallen) on the ground for want of a sufficient foothold.”
  • پس طبیبش گفت ای عمر تو شصت ** این غضب وین خشم هم از پیری است‏
  • Then the doctor said to him, “O sexagenarian, this anger and this choler are also from old age.
  • چون همه اوصاف و اجزا شد نحیف ** خویشتن‏داری و صبرت شد ضعیف‏
  • Since all the functions and parts (of your body) are atrophied, your self-control and patience have become weak.”
  • بر نتابد دو سخن زو هی کند ** تاب یک جرعه ندارد قی کند
  • He (an old man) cannot endure two words, he cries out thereat; he cannot retain one draught, he vomits (it)—
  • جز مگر پیری که از حق است مست ** در درون او حیات طیبه است‏ 3100
  • Except, to be sure, the Ancient (Pír) that is drunken with God, and in whose inward being there is “a goodly life.”
  • از برون پیر است و در باطن صبی ** خود چه چیز است آن ولی و آن نبی‏
  • Outwardly he is old, but within he is young. What thing, verily, is he? He is the saint and the prophet.