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  • یار آیینه ست جان را در حزن ** در رخ آیینه‏ای جان دم مزن‏
  • The friend is a mirror for the soul in sorrow: breathe not on the face of the mirror, O my soul!
  • تا نپوشد روی خود را در دمت ** دم فرو خوردن بباید هر دمت‏
  • Lest it cover its face to (conceal itself from) thee at once, thou must swallow (suppress) thy breath at every moment.
  • کم ز خاکی چون که خاکی یار یافت ** از بهاری صد هزار انوار یافت‏
  • Art thou less than earth? When a plot of earth finds a friend, that is, a springtide, it finds (gains) a hundred thousand flowers.
  • آن درختی کاو شود با یار جفت ** از هوای خوش ز سر تا پا شکفت‏
  • The tree that is united with a friend, that is, the sweet air (of spring), blossoms from head to foot;
  • در خزان چون دید او یار خلاف ** در کشید او رو و سر زیر لحاف‏ 35
  • In autumn, when it sees (meets with) a repugnant companion, it withdraws its face and head under the coverlet
  • گفت یار بد بلا آشفتن است ** چون که او آمد طریقم خفتن است‏
  • And says, “A bad comrade is (the means of) stirring up trouble: since he has come, my (best) course is to sleep.
  • پس بخسپم باشم اصحاب کهف ** به ز دقیانوس آن محبوس لهف
  • Therefore I will sleep, I will be (like) one of the Men of the Cave (the Seven Sleepers): that prisoner of woe (that sorely distressed one) is better than Decianus.”
  • یقظه شان مصروف دقیانوس بود ** خوابشان سرمایه‏ی ناموس بود
  • Their time of waking was expended by (was at the disposal of) Decianus; their sleep was the capital (fundamental source) of their renown.
  • خواب بیداری ست چون با دانش است ** وای بیداری که با نادان نشست‏
  • Sleep, when it is accompanied by wisdom, is (spiritual) wakefulness; (but) alas for the man awake who consorts with the ignorant!
  • چون که زاغان خیمه بر بهمن زدند ** بلبلان پنهان شدند و تن زدند 40
  • When the crows pitch their tents on Bahman (January), the nightingales hide themselves and are mute,