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  • حکمتی کز طبع زاید وز خیال ** حکمتی بی‏فیض نور ذو الجلال‏
  • The wisdom which is born of (human) nature and phantasy, the wisdom which lacks the overflowing grace of the Light of the Glorious (God).
  • حکمت دنیا فزاید ظن و شک ** حکمت دینی برد فوق فلک‏
  • The wisdom of this world brings increase of supposition and doubt; the wisdom of the Religion bears (one) above the sky.
  • زوبعان زیرک آخر زمان ** بر فزوده خویش بر پیشینیان‏
  • The ingenious rascals of (this) latter time have aggrandised themselves over the ancients;
  • حیله آموزان جگرها سوخته ** فعل‏ها و مکرها آموخته‏ 3205
  • The (apt) learners of cunning have burnt (consumed) their hearts (in study) and have learned feints and tricks;
  • صبر و ایثار و سخای نفس و جود ** باد داده کان بود اکسیر سود
  • They have thrown to the winds patience and altruism and self-sacrifice and generosity—(qualities) which are the elixir of (spiritual) profit.
  • فکر آن باشد که بگشاید رهی ** راه آن باشد که پیش آید شهی‏
  • The (right) thought is that which opens a way: the (right) way is that on which a (spiritual) king advances.
  • شاه آن باشد که از خود شه بود ** نه به مخزنها و لشکر شه شود
  • The (true) king is he that goes into the presence of the King, and is not made king by treasuries and armies;
  • تا بماند شاهی او سرمدی ** همچو عز ملک دین احمدی‏
  • So that his kingship remains unto everlasting, like the glory of the empire of the Mohammedan Religion.
  • کرامات ابراهیم ادهم بر لب دریا
  • The miracles of Ibráhím son of Adham on the seashore.
  • هم ز ابراهیم ادهم آمده ست ** کاو ز راهی بر لب دریا نشست‏ 3210
  • Thus, it is related of Ibráhím son of Adham that after a journey he sat down (to rest) by the edge of the sea.
  • دلق خود می‏دوخت آن سلطان جان ** یک امیری آمد آن جا ناگهان‏
  • (Whilst) that spiritual king was stitching his mantle, an Amír suddenly came to that spot.